Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dream a Little Dream

I have been having weird dreams the past couple of nights. Could be the combination of eating late and taking cold medicine. In fact I'm sure that's it, because man, they've been odd. I dreamed that Matthew McConaughey (so hot!) was walking past my bedroom, and stopped to watch what my husband and I were doing in there, if you know what I mean. Then he just shook his head and walked on. I also dreamed that I had a baby, and the baby was taking a nap, and I forgot about it and went shopping, but then had to hurry home, because, oh my god, the BABY! See? Weird.

I used to be pretty good at deciphering what dreams mean, when I was a freshman and studying the meaning of dreams in my freshman psych class. The weirdest dream I've ever heard came from a high school friend, who also happened to be in this class. She dreamed about a lake. And she looked at the lake, and instead of being filled with water, it was filled with milk. Near the lake there was a giant blue box of cereal. And tied to the box was a goat. And that was the dream. And I have no idea what that means still to this day.

I regularly have anxiety dreams, which drive me nuts! I dream that all my teeth are falling out, that all the diamonds are falling out of my wedding and/or engagment rings, or that I have a final exam in a class that I've never been to (because I forgot to go to it) and one of my sorority sisters tells me I have to go take it because if I don't I'll fail and I won't be able to graduate. Geez. Think I stress much?

My husband had a dream that he had man boobs. (He'll probably kill me if he ever finds out I posted this, or if anyone he knows ever reads this, but the chances of that are small, so I'll tell you all anyway). He's gained some weight since our wedding last winter, and I think this is his great big anxiety dream about that. That, or he's jealous of my nice set and is now dreaming that he has them. Either way I laughed a lot at him when he told me.


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