Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I'll Pass, Thanks!

So, my husband and I spent this past weekend at a family reunion of sorts. We were celebrating our wedding with family members who were not invited and who still wanted to celebrate with us (we went SMALL and simple because we were graduate-school-poor at the time). Much fun was had by all, and I'm exhausted this morning, but it was totally worth it. This was the side of the family that "doesn't drink much", but yet we went through at least 9 bottles of wine and two six-packs of beer for 20 people. Not bad!

So this morning I got to work early and checked my personal email immediately, because it had been three (3!!!) whole days since I had checked it and I was going through withdrawl (I need to get a life. Seriously). At the top of the list was an email from Broadway in Chicago titled "Don't Miss Menopause: the Musical!". Um, Huh? I want to miss Menopause: The Reality, so why would I want to go see the whole thing in musical form? What happens in this musical? Do they sing songs like "Hot, Hot, Hot Flash"?

Not to mention, that pigs would have to fly and it would be snowing in hell before my husband would even consider thinking about maybe going to see something with the word menopause in the title. He won't even say "period". He calls it me being "sick" or "on the disabled list". Yeah, I think we'll miss this one.


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