Thursday, July 14, 2005

Words and Phrases that Annoy Me

Also known as not real words (or if they are they're still annoying!)

Some people use words that annoy the ever-living-crap out of me! I mean people, for real, use actual English and we'll be all set!

For instance, one person, who I absolutely adore so I can't go and yell at her and possibly make her annoyed with me when she says this, says "Alls we have to do..." Alls? Really? You who are obsessed, OBSESSED, with correct usage of words, grammar and especially mis-used apostrophes, use the word alls on a daily basis?

Also, and this is the one I think is correct but still annoys the hell out of me, what is up with "a whole nother"? I refuse to use this phrase and instead say another whole. I don't know why it annoys me. It just does.

And on the apostrophe thing, there's an actual society and website regarding the misuse of apostrophes that is running rampant in society these days. It's that bad. Like the billboard on the freeway that runs right outside my office that says "Home's for Sale". What is home selling?

Finally, this was pointed out to me by my mom's absolutely hilarious friend when we went to lunch last weekend. There is a restaurant in the area where we live that serves Oriental Tacos (which, ew) and when they first opened they had a sign outside that said "We Be Open". Hah! Things like that crack me up. Also, the Hooters restaurant near my home has a bunch of lights burned out so now it just says "Ho...s" HAAAAAA!

Okay. I just hope that in my rant about words, phrases and grammar that I haven't spelled or written something incorrectly. I'd be really embarrassed if I have.


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