Thursday, January 26, 2006

I Want to Know Who Slipped What in Which of my Drinks

Like, now.

Yes, this is another story about not sleeping. It's what's consuming my life right now besides work, so it's what I'm writing about.

(Wow, that was some unnecessary attitude. Sorry).

You see, last night in the middle of a perfectly good night of sleep, I (pardon my french) freaked the fuck out. Looking back at the situation, it's pretty amusing, but at 3 o'clock in the morning, not so much fun.

Here's the story:

Last night, I relaxed before bed with a nice, piping-hot mug of Sleepytime Tea(tm), and cuddled with my husband on the couch while watching whatever was on television (I was a little too tired to actually be paying attention, but since staying up until past my bedtime worked the night before I decided to try this method again).

Just after 10 pm, I drifted off into a deep, relaxed sleep. It was wonderful. Until about 3, at which time I got up to go to the bathroom because apparently 2 glasses of water with dinner and a cup of tea at 9:30 is a little too much liquid for me.

I climbed back into bed and was drifting off easily once again, when all of the sudden the freak out occurred.

I felt something tickling my cheek, brushed at it, felt something weird that shouldn't be there, threw it off, sat up screaming, and turned on the light.

This of course freaked my husband out of his nice night of sleep. He shot up too, with a "What the hell, Jess?" I was sitting there, shuddering at the thought that something was crawling so close to my ear. Then, I thought I felt something crawling on my leg.

I yelped again, and Aaron took all the sheets and blankets off the bed, and inspected them before handing them back to me, while I was still shuddering and looking around like a crazy person for whatever other bugs might be considering an attack.

I should note, that neither of us saw anything remotely looking like a bug, anywhere in the room.

He turned off the light, chuckling to himself at his batshit crazy wife (and it was definitely at and not with, because I was so not laughing). Then he cuddled me and tried to keep me from shuddering or thinking I was being attacked by mysterious invisible bugs any more, until I fell back asleep. Just when I was drifting off, he kissed my shoulder and asked:

"What the hell did you take before you went to bed?"

He's so sweet (or at least he was up till then - I think he was just picking on me because I so clearly deserved it).

So seriously, since I didn't take anything, who slipped something into my drink?

Maybe I should lay off the tea tonight. You know, just in case.


At 1/26/2006 11:55 AM, Anonymous donna said...

Yeah, that Sleepytime Tea is some crazy stuff!

At 1/26/2006 1:10 PM, Anonymous Jenna said...

You poor thing! I am so sorry the Sleepytime didn't work for you!

At 1/26/2006 2:43 PM, Anonymous TB said...

Maybe you had a reaction to chamomile? What exactly are the "herbs" in the herbal tea anyway?

I'm going to offer more assvice here and suggest a hot bath right before bed, maybe even some lavender bath salts. As a lifelong insomniac, this works sometimes.

I hope you get some sleep!

At 1/26/2006 3:50 PM, Blogger Sizzle said...

i sister makes this awesome "knock out tea" with crazy herbs. before i am even done drinking the cup, my lids are heavy. you need some of that.

but feeling bugs on you, imaginary or not, is super creepy. i would have spazzed.


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