Thursday, February 09, 2006

3 Day Work Weeks are Great!

(unless you spend one of the days sick and one of the days off sick, that is)

But the other day off (tomorrow) is for pure fun. Aaron and I are headed up to my parents' house for a 3-day weekend of fun. I expect that there will be some drinking and board-game-playing occurring, as well as a visit to the coffee shop where Aaron and I once worked and where our romance began. My little sister will be home too, so it should be a blast.

I'm thinking I will also take Aaron tobogganing and/or cross country skiing. Whatever we do, I need to get in some physical activity because I have not made it to the gym all week. I've been to sick and/or tired to go. Mostly too sick. Blech. But, there is finally snow, and lots of it, so we should be able to enjoy some outdoor winter fun.

Yesterday afternoon we had a snow storm and there was a big accident on the freeway behind my office building. 16 vehicles, including 3 semis. That freeway is a dangerous one to travel. Last year there was a 200 car pile-up because of fog. If there were ever a place for me to truly panic, that would be it.

But today is sunny and COLD (currently about 14 degrees) and it's not expected to snow again until late tonight. Winter is finally here to stick around for a little bit.

Have a great weekend everyone, and stay warm! (if you live somewhere cold like I do. Those of you in S. California? Enjoy the weather for me!)


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