Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Moving On Up (but to the South Side)

This weekend my husband and I are moving to a new apartment. We are both super excited and so this week is dragging by. I cannot believe it is only Tuesday! Not to mention work is totally slow, so I think that today has been the longest. day. EVER.

However, as excited as I am to move, the actually process of moving, I'm not looking forward to so much. I love my husband. LOVE HIM! But, the last time we moved was really painful. We had one U-Haul, three small cars, and only one trip to get everything moved, because we were moving a couple of hours away. So to make sure that every single thing was packed exactly right so that nothing would shift and everything was there, he packed and unpacked and repacked the truck, for a total of 5 times. FIVE TIMES! It took us quite a few hours longer than originally planned, and I was ready to kill him, and both of us were ready to kill my mother, who must have thought she was helping by teasing him. She wasn't.

She's not invited this time. My dad, however, is. Should be interesting. At least we're not moving nearly as far this time. 5 miles down the road to be exact. So we can take as many trips down the road as needed. And, we're taking a four-day-weekend in order to get it all done. And when it is all done, we'll be in the most awesome apartment I have ever seen in real life. Yay!

I'll Pass, Thanks!

So, my husband and I spent this past weekend at a family reunion of sorts. We were celebrating our wedding with family members who were not invited and who still wanted to celebrate with us (we went SMALL and simple because we were graduate-school-poor at the time). Much fun was had by all, and I'm exhausted this morning, but it was totally worth it. This was the side of the family that "doesn't drink much", but yet we went through at least 9 bottles of wine and two six-packs of beer for 20 people. Not bad!

So this morning I got to work early and checked my personal email immediately, because it had been three (3!!!) whole days since I had checked it and I was going through withdrawl (I need to get a life. Seriously). At the top of the list was an email from Broadway in Chicago titled "Don't Miss Menopause: the Musical!". Um, Huh? I want to miss Menopause: The Reality, so why would I want to go see the whole thing in musical form? What happens in this musical? Do they sing songs like "Hot, Hot, Hot Flash"?

Not to mention, that pigs would have to fly and it would be snowing in hell before my husband would even consider thinking about maybe going to see something with the word menopause in the title. He won't even say "period". He calls it me being "sick" or "on the disabled list". Yeah, I think we'll miss this one.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dream a Little Dream

I have been having weird dreams the past couple of nights. Could be the combination of eating late and taking cold medicine. In fact I'm sure that's it, because man, they've been odd. I dreamed that Matthew McConaughey (so hot!) was walking past my bedroom, and stopped to watch what my husband and I were doing in there, if you know what I mean. Then he just shook his head and walked on. I also dreamed that I had a baby, and the baby was taking a nap, and I forgot about it and went shopping, but then had to hurry home, because, oh my god, the BABY! See? Weird.

I used to be pretty good at deciphering what dreams mean, when I was a freshman and studying the meaning of dreams in my freshman psych class. The weirdest dream I've ever heard came from a high school friend, who also happened to be in this class. She dreamed about a lake. And she looked at the lake, and instead of being filled with water, it was filled with milk. Near the lake there was a giant blue box of cereal. And tied to the box was a goat. And that was the dream. And I have no idea what that means still to this day.

I regularly have anxiety dreams, which drive me nuts! I dream that all my teeth are falling out, that all the diamonds are falling out of my wedding and/or engagment rings, or that I have a final exam in a class that I've never been to (because I forgot to go to it) and one of my sorority sisters tells me I have to go take it because if I don't I'll fail and I won't be able to graduate. Geez. Think I stress much?

My husband had a dream that he had man boobs. (He'll probably kill me if he ever finds out I posted this, or if anyone he knows ever reads this, but the chances of that are small, so I'll tell you all anyway). He's gained some weight since our wedding last winter, and I think this is his great big anxiety dream about that. That, or he's jealous of my nice set and is now dreaming that he has them. Either way I laughed a lot at him when he told me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


So. Tired.

Also, medicine high.

This day sucks. I'm getting nothing done and I can barely keep my eyes open. Only one hour till I go home to collapse on my couch and fall asleep. Ten bucks says I go to bed before 8 tonight. I just hope I can stay awake through Oprah, because it looks interesting. I've stayed at work today, the whole day, even though my boss probably would have let me go home, and I don't know why. Maybe I'll call in sick on Friday and sleep the day away.

*does Homer Simpson drool thing* sleep.

Stupid NBA finals!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Red Light District

So I read this article today that said Oregon drivers know the most about driving rules. The worst drivers in the country are apparently in New England states such as Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I want the authors of this study to take another look at Michigan drivers, because, MAN, they really suck! The authors of the study looked at passage rates of the written driver's test, and judged the worst states as those that had the lowest passage rate of the written test. Just because I know the rules, doesn't mean I follow 'em, folks! Most people know that the red light on the traffic signal means STOP. Does that mean they follow that rule? NO. Especially not where I live. Red apparently means stop, but only if you feel like it, and if you don't mind possibly getting hit, go for it!

Here's a "for instance" for you. One day my husband and I were headed over from our apartment to my parent's house. We get to the first traffic light that we have to go through, and I have a green light, but I slow down. Husband looks at me like I'm nuts, until he sees what I see. A car who apparently decided to take their chances with the red light that day, not slowing down at all as they approach their red light. It was one of those days when I wished I were a cop so that I could pull over dumb-asses such as this guy. This is only one example of the many, many experiences such as this that I have had. On my wedding day, every light I came to, someone ran it. I'm glad I was paying attention, because that would have sucked if I had gotten into and accident that day!

So the moral of the story, just because people in Oregon may know how to pass the written drivers test does not mean that they are the best drivers. They just know how to pass a test. And that study? Bites.