Friday, September 30, 2005

I See London, I See France

Last night my husband and I were doing our nightly ritual of sitting in front of the tv watching CSI. Near the end of this particular episode one of the characters said something like, "There's nothing more pitiful than a woman with tattered drawers" (I think that's how you spell it, drawers that is, I always just call them underpants, but whatever).

My husband, quiet most of the evening up until this point, said "That is so true".

Um, what? Worn out underwear is pitiful? I'm sorry, what?

This got me thinking about underwear and how really, no one sees it. Okay, so I guess I'm admitting that I have some worn out underwear. In fact, I have some underwear that I've had since high school. You needed to know that, right?

I guess I just get a little upset that, according to many (men especially), women should always have on sexy underwear. Men, however, don't have to wear what they classify as "sexy" - lace (which itches), stretchy material (which likes to ride up), thongs (whose purpose is to ride up), those new tanga things or whatever that look like they give full ass coverage, but instead like to think they're a thong, etc.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do own my share of sexy panties. I like to dress up for my man when the time is right, but if I'm just sitting at work typing and doing data analysis, why should I be wearing a thong or lace? It's not even a VPL issue, because I check for that on a daily basis, and if it shows I change. It's just, I don't want to wear underwear for a purpose I'm not using it for I guess.

So if, I'm sitting at work being busy, or even cleaning the house, or gardening or whatever, I wear "tattered drawers", why is that pitiful? Would I wear nice pants and a pretty top if I were cleaning? I don't think so. I'd wear cleaning clothes that I wouldn't have to worry about getting dirty.

And you can bet, that I will not be wearing a thong underneath.

(Okay, rant finished. PMS may be getting the better of me today, but I just had to share my thoughts on the subject. Hope you all have a great weekend)

P.S. Congrats to Amy and Jason. Hope all is going well, and I can't wait to read updates/see pictures of your new little man!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Chocolate for Breakfast
Can my day get any better?

So last night, on my way home from my meeting up north (scenery was beautiful, as expected, but I missed much of it due to having to pay a lot of attention because of the massive amount of construction occurring on EVERY DAMN ROAD) I swung by my parents' house to celebrate my dad's birthday with them (his birthday is tomorrow). I had my mom pick up a cake for him from our favorite local bakery, and while she was there she also picked up two chocolate croissants for me to bring home.

Mmmm...chocolate. And croissants. Two wonderful (albeit not the healthiest) foods combined into one wonderful package. Serve with a cup of hot light and sweet coffee and welcome to heaven.

I'm still on my little chocolate high, and still happy enough from that to ignore the fact that my husband snagged my last eggroll to eat for lunch that I was planning to have for lunch today. That annoyance melted away as soon as the chocolate and croissant crossed my lips.

And there's chocolate mousse cake for dessert tonight. Can my day get any better? I submit that it cannot.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Michigan, Oh How I Love Thee

Well, I had a wonderful weekend. It was very relaxing and full of time spent with an uncharacteristically romantic husband. Not that my husband is not romantic, it's just that we were both feeling very romantic this weekend and spend time gazing into each other's eyes and cuddling while playing video games. Oops, sorry if I made anyone vomit there. We were pretty sickeningly sweet to each other.

But today, it's back to work, although it's a pretty exciting week. I even get to go out of town for tonight for a meeting up north. Now, I know that Michigan sometimes gets a bad rap, and I take it personally when people say anything bad about my beloved state. Besides some metropolitan areas in the southern half of the lower peninsula, Michigan is very rural and very beautiful. There are lakes and rivers everywhere and the scenery is spectacular. My travels today will take me through the center of the state to the north-east corner of the lower peninsula. Should be a beautiful drive, but not nearly as beautiful as my drive home tomorrow, along Lake Huron. And in three weeks I get to go to the northern portion of the UP (upper peninsula for those non-Michiganders out there) to visit my brother and take in even more amazing scenery. Every time I drive through this state I fall more in love with it. Even though it stinks that I have to go away for a night and drive a long distance by myself to sit through what is sure to be an un-interesting meeting, I appreciate every chance I get to look around and see more of this state. I used to think I couldn't wait until I could move to another state. Now I'm excited that I get to stay.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


I am really ready for the weekend. As per usual. This weekend we once again have no plans. I might be making my husband take me out on a date. That's about all the plans we have. What an exciting life we lead!

My week has been consumed with working a lot at work and watching premiers at night. Among the things I've watched so far:
  • The premier of "How I Met Your Mother". I liked this one a lot, and it made me laugh out loud a couple of times. Looking forward to see how it progresses. Neil Patrick Harris is pretty funny, and after the work he did on "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" I was looking forward to watching him act again.
  • The season premier of "Two and a Half Men". This was my favorite sitcom of last season, and I still think it's hilarious. I laugh out loud pretty much every episode.
  • The premier of "My Name is Earl". Both my husband and I loved this one. Very funny. We both love Jason Lee, so we were sort of biased to begin with. The fact that the show is based around a comment made by Carson Daly is pretty funny. We figured they have about 7 seasons worth of things for Earl to make up for. Should be interesting to see how they keep it up.
  • Season premier of "America's Next Top Model". I'm rooting for Kyle, both because she's pretty and because she's from my state.
  • Season premier of "Law & Order". Did Jack get fired? I couldn't tell and then they just ended it. There was nothing about him in the preview for next week. I'm thoroughly confused.

Tonight are the season premiers of Joey, CSI, ER, and the series premier of Criminal minds as well as Survivor and Reunion. Tonight is the second dilemma I'm having about tv shows, but this is the most major one. Do I watch Joey or Survivor? (Survivor probably wins out here because my husband is interested in watching this season for some reason). Do I watch CSI or Reunion? Reunion looked pretty interesting two weeks ago when it premiered, but I've been watching CSI for years now. I can watch CSI reruns a lot (they're almost on as often as Law & Order reruns), but I'm just not sure. Then, do I watch ER or Criminal Minds? ER probably wins out here, even though I did get a little bored with it last season.

Ahhh...such dilemmas. I'm glad I live such an exciting and dynamic life! What does everyone else think of shows this season. Any recommendations for what I should watch?

P.S. I have my annual review today in about an hour. I'm nervous. Keep your fingers crossed or whatever you do for me!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Um, Huh?

Okay, question. Who is Tess Smith? Why is she at the Emmys? Does she feel a draft? I bet she does.

But seriously, I know everyone is talking about this, which is probably the point of the dress (or lack thereof), but is she on a show or something? Or is she some homeless woman who takes old ripped dresses, rips them some more, and wears them on the red carpet?

I really don't get it. If you know who she is, please let me know. It's bugging me that she's so, um, OUT THERE, and no one seems to know who she is. I even googled her, and besides people making fun of her dress, no one knows who she is. Seriously, WHO IS TESS SMITH?

Monday, September 19, 2005

New and Improved

I'm back, and not sick anymore. Woohoo!

I actually felt better when I woke up on Saturday. Maybe it's work that is making me feel like I want to pass out and/or vomit. I don't think so, but it would suck if it was since they expect me to show up 5 days a week and all.

My weekend was fairly relaxing - did some baking (my favorite way to unwind), cooking (made spaghetti bolognese - yum!), football watching (Go Spartans! Notre Dame Sucks!) and injuring of myself (I need to just sit still more often so that I don't do this). The injuring myself was the least amount of fun. I did this many ways - by jumping up and down when the Spartans won and accidentally getting too close to my couch and scraping/bruising my heel on the edge of it, by standing up after cleaning out the bottom shelf of my refrigerator smacking my head on the freezer door - hard, and by accidentally scraping my chin with my fingernail, which bled much more and longer than it should have. And my husband still trusted me with a knife chopping round vegetables after all of that. I didn't cut myself for once, so that's all good.

So, yeah, that was my weekend. Relaxing and painful.

But? I opened a flickr account and have a bunch of fun pictures up. Go ahead and check them out and let me know what you think! Just click the little Flickr badge on the right-hand column.

Do it.

You know you want to.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Do You Know What Sucks?

I mean like really, really sucks?

I'm not going to even make you guess for this one.

What really, really sucks is the flu. More specifically the stomach flu. Also being stuck at work feeling nauseous, light headed, afraid you might pass out, and so afraid of that you're afraid to drive home, therefore you are stuck at work with the stomach flu.

I seriously almost passed out earlier. It was weird. I started getting really dizzy and had to concentrate so as to not topple out of the chair I was sitting in, therefore greatly alarming my co-worker and boss who were talking to me.

Yep, that was fun.

And I really wanted to go out for drinks tonight!

I am totally bumming about this.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Best of Two

Yesterday, on one of my daily blog reads, I got jealous when I read that the writer got to go see the Weezer and Foo Fighters concert. I had heard that their concert here in Detroit was sold out. It is. But? My husband is smart and realized that they have a concert the day before in Grand Rapids, and HE BOUGHT ME TICKETS! I am SO EXCITED!

But, before we bought the tickets, we had to have a conversation of what activity we would do: the concert or the Michigan Renaissance Festival (which we had planned on visiting this weekend). See, I used to go to the renaissance festival in high school with my friends, and I remember it being a blast. So, I showed him the Ren Fair website. His eyes got big, then a smirk crossed his face. Then he rolled his eyes, announcing "You are SUCH a DORK!"

That, right there, decided it for me. I really am a dork, and would be much less dorky if we went to the concert (at least that's what I hope). Although, the renaissance festival would be a prime choice for my favorite pastime - people watching.

Well, we obviously decided on the concert, and I cannot wait to go! Maybe there will be some funny people to watch there. Or maybe I'll be so entranced with my fantasy rock 'n' roll best friend (a.k.a. Dave Grohl - I think he's just amazing) that I won't notice those around me. Oh, well. We'll see. I really am having a hard time waiting!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hooray for the Weekend?

You'll never guess what I'm doing this morning. Go ahead and try....

Nope, not cuddling in bed with my handsome husband.

Not watching an 80's movie on tv (although I started watching Jaws, which I had never seen before, but what I'm doing beckoned instead).

Nope, not that either.

What I'm doing on this beautiful Saturday morning is....


(Well, okay, not right this moment, since I'm posting, but I'm in the process of working).

We have a big report due on Monday to our boss, so I'm finishing up my sections. Hoping to be done by noon so I can watch football with my husband.

Wish me luck!

Friday, September 09, 2005

I've Changed my Name

My blog name that is. I thought that "Thoughts by J" was too generic, or boring, or something. I didn't like it anymore, and looking around the blogosphere I realized that most people use nicknames for their blog title (or at least the ones I read do), so I thought I'd use my nickname, or at least a variation of it. So here's the story of my nickname:

When I was very little I was in day care one day having a fight about my name with another little girl. My name is Jessie (not Jessica), but this little girl was not having that. She kept telling me that my name was not Jessie, it was Jessie Ca. So that night when I went home, I told my parents that my name was Jessie Ca, and from that time on my nickname at home (well, one of the many - it's very unfortunate that messy happens to rhyme with my name) was Miss Ca (you know, like my first name was Jessie and my last was Ca - I had to explain this to a friend the other day because she didn't get it, so just in case there are others out there like her, there's the explanation).

Well, since I am now married, it has become Mrs. Ca.

So that's the new title of my blog. It has nothing to do with California. At all.

Hope you like it! (Let me know what you think)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

How to Annoy My Husband (in 3 easy steps)

I really love my husband. He puts up with a lot of my crap. But? I think I need to shape up this week, because he's starting to get annoyed. Here's why (in 3 easy steps):

1. Insist on stopping by Office Max to buy page protectors. See how expensive page protectors are so search entire store for cheaper page protectors, stopping to ohhh and ahhh over every cool office supply (husband then sees obsession with office supplies and becomes slightly scared). Finally find affordable page protectors and buy box of 200.

2. Go through all old issues of favorite cooking magazine cutting out recipes that have been enjoyed or could possibly be enjoyed at some point in the future asking him every five minutes if he likes squash or eggplant or some weird ingredient that he's never heard of...while he's trying to play Tiger Woods Golf on his play station. Extra annoyance points when you ask in his backswing.

3. Go through all 200 page protectors before you finish going through all issues. Ask if he would like to go to Office Max with you to buy more (when you're trying to save money and not buy unnecessary things so that you may be able to buy a house sometime soon). Just remember - creating more room on the bookcase is more important than your husband's sanity. I promise.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ahhhh....Long Weekends

I love, love, love 3-day weekends. 4-day weekends are even better, but rare, so I'm pretty happy with the 3-day ones.

This weekend we did nothing. And it was wonderful! We were in our pajamas until 4 pm yesterday. Now that is living life. Then we had frozen pizza for dinner because neither of us felt like cooking. In fact, that was the most dinner-like dinner we had all weekend. Other dinners included:

Friday - ball park nachos
Saturday - meatballs and vegetables (left over from earlier in the day)
Sunday - an ice cream sundae.

Yes, we really did a good job with the diets this weekend!

Activities included:
Friday - Last home game for the local baseball farm-club team (Go Nuts!) and then a sing-along at the local dueling piano bar.
Saturday - Don't remember
Sunday - Watched Old School and went to bed early
Last night - Watched Sin City (which I still don't know how I feel about) and went to bed early. (Also threw fit over Cheetos, but that's another story for another day)

Wow. I'm exciting, no?

Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend as much as I did!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Just 3 Things Real Quick-Like Today

Thing one:

I had a dentist appointment this morning. I'm weird, according to most people, because I actually like going to the dentist. As usual, the dentist complimented me on my perfect teeth and how nice and strong and naturally straight they are. I think that's why I like going. My last dentist told me every visit that I was practically perfect in every way. (But now, my teeth hurt and I have a headache, so I may be rethinking the excited about going to the dentist thing to not scared but not eagerly anticipating the dentist).

Thing two:

My computer is still mocking me with the "You have zero emails, bitch" thing. It's getting annoying. But! I did get 2 emails from friends overnight so that's exciting! And? They were both long emails. Even better.

Thing three:

I am having a sewer fly infestation in my office today. Which? Is gross! Before working here I had never heard of sewer flies, but the sink in our kitchen here at work emits them if the drain is not closed when not in use. There is even a sign warning people about this, but do they heed this warning? No. They NEED to take HEED (Ha, that rhymed) so that I don't have these damn gross flies bothering me all day and making me freak out a little every time one flies near me because I have a slight issue with bugs.