Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Drive Through Ass

And, no, I'm not talking about a certain sickness that happens when you eat food from a drive-through.

While I was reminiscing a little about college yesterday, I remembered something that made me laugh. A lot. I was remembering some hijinx that happened to some of my friends, and a specific incident came to mind. So here is the story of the "Drive Through Ass" incident.

There was a party (there were in fact many that night, but we chose this one) at one of the cool fraternities on campus. We had recently become friends with some of the men in this house so we went to one of their parties. Now, we were in the middle of a house-party ban in the Greek system so this party was at a bar. Being under 21, this meant that much drinking had to be done before the party or very covertly at the party. We chose the much drinking before the party and showed up completely smashed.

I'm sure you've all heard of beer goggles before. My one friend (I'll call her M) had a particularly strong pair on that night. It wasn't that the guy (I'll call him J) she was hitting on was unattractive. He wasn't bad. But, he was 18. And M was 22 (she decided that pre-drinking with us would be cheaper than drinking at the bar, but then decided to do both). And not all 18 year olds are too bad, but J looked like he was about 12. A cute 12, but 12 none the less.

I, at this point, had wondered off and ended up catching a ride to a different party with some friends. M and some of the other girls that were at the party decided to go back to the fraternity house for an after-party. Now J, who had left the party a little earlier, really wanted to hook up with M, but he was a pledge and so therefore didn't have a place at the fraternity house to take her. He searched and finally found one empty room, but it was locked. The window to the room, however, was not locked. So he climbed in. And he called M and let her know where he was. Now, not being incredibly with it that night, he waited for her by the window and when the car she was in drove up, he called her over and had her climb through the window. (I have no idea why he didn't maybe unlock the door, but who knows what was happening in his head). She willingly climbed on in.

About an hour passed, and our friends were ready to go. They had seen M climb through the window, and so they went to said window and called out to her telling her it was time to go. So, M climbed back out the window and into the car, minus the shirt she was wearing when she went in and a shoe (she was wearing a shirt they had found in the room when they couldn't find hers).

Hence, drive through ass. She went to the window, got the ass, and left through the window. And has been teased unmercifully about it ever since.


At 7/25/2005 11:47 AM, Blogger Floyd said...

Did you go to the University of Georgia? Cause really - that sounds like some good old southern fun right there!


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