Wednesday, August 03, 2005

10 Things About Today

First, five things that suck about today.

1. I have nothing (NOTHING) to do at work today. I am therefore incredibly bored.

2. There is still one whole day of work left this week after today (Company picnic on Friday so we only have a 1/2 day of work. Yay!) with nothing to do for that day either. I will therefore be incredibly bored for the 3rd day in a row. Blech.

3. I should work out today but I was too lazy to carry my gym bag out from my car to my apartment last night so I didn't have it to pack this morning and was too lazy to go get it this morning and therefore am not working out. And I should be.

4. We're having steak and potatoes for dinner tonight, so there goes my attempt to not eat potatoes (or pretty much all white starchy foods) for a week.

5. There's still about 2 hours left till I get to go home today to cook and clean and fall asleep embarrassingly early only to do it all again tomorrow.

Now, five things that are awesome about today.

1. The work day is almost over (only two hours left - well really 1 1/2 because I always leave at 4:30).

2. We're also having asparagus with dinner, which I LOVE! Mmmm... roasted asparagus, steak, and roasted red skin potatoes. Totally worth screwing up my diet for. Plus it could be worse than that for dinner. It's semi-healthy. Right?

3. I don't have to work out today! Yay!

4. Less than a full work week this week, so only one day left of work for the week. Yay again!

5. I get to blog, guilt free, because there is nothing else to do and even my boss is goofing off because there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO.

P.S. I just spell checked my post and it came up with "blog" as a misspelled word. Ironic, no?


At 8/03/2005 5:52 PM, Blogger Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

I hate it when I have nothing to do at work...the day just DRAGS on and on and on. There are days I feel like I've quite literally visited every website there ever was.


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