Wednesday, August 03, 2005


It is a sad, sad day today. And I really need help.

You see, my blow dryer broke this morning. I'm starting to be okay with this, but it keeps coming back. It's dead and there's nothing I can do to revive it. And I looked and they don't make my model anymore.

You see, when it comes to beauty stuff, I can be pretty clueless. This comes from my mother being a complete hippie who wears no makeup, does not use styling products in her hair, and does not even wear a bra.

The last hair dryer I had was from circa 1980 and it was my dad's. I took it to college with me and about 6 months in it caught fire. Apparently it was not used to being used every day.

So one of my sorority sisters took me out and helped me pick out a new hair dryer. It's one of the ionic ones and has a cold blast button and works very well.

But now, a dilemma. I have no one to take me out and help me pick out a new one. All the ones I've found online cost like $200, and I'm sorry, but I was thinking like $30. I have no idea what to get.

So, any suggestions? I seriously need help with this. I've already told my boss I'm sorry if my hair looks like crap for a few days because my dryer died. He kind of looked at me funny and walked away. I don't think he really cares.


At 8/04/2005 9:24 AM, Anonymous Bethiclaus said...

I suggest buying the cheapest hairdryer in Target because I am very much like your mom in the hair department.

I've never used a dryer and thought, "Wow. This one is so much better than those cheap dryers."


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