Monday, July 25, 2005

Recommendation - Wine

So, I have decided that when I find a product I really like, that I will post a recommendation for said product here.

Here is my first recommendation.

This past weekend my husband and I went on vacation to Northern Michigan (more details, stories, etc. to follow at another time). On Saturday we visited the Traverse City area and decided to go to some local wineries for tastings.

Now, my husband and I are big fans of Michigan wines and the majority of the wines we drink are Michigan wines. In short, we love them. If you have never tried a Michigan wine, you should. They're different, but good.

Our first stop was at Peninsula Cellars, the makers of some of our favorite wines. We tried quite a few of their available wines and all were delicious. However, our favorite by far (and here comes the recommendation) was their wine named "Detention".


(But sorry the picture is horrible, I'm working with an absolutely ANCIENT digital camera.)

It is their current best-selling red wine, and I could see why from first sniff. It's red wine, but it smells like a fruity coffee and has a mocha-like finish. It's very different from anything I've ever tasted, but wonderful. It combines two of my favorite things - red wine and coffee. Even my husband, who favors white wines, loved it. We bought a bottle and intend to buy more.

Even the lable is cute. It repeats over and over "I will only drink good wines", you know, like having to write out the same thing over and over for detention. All in all, a fabulous wine.

It may be hard to find right now, given it's only been available for a couple of months. Also, now that the Michigan Government has decided to be strict and dis-allow shipping from the winery directly to you through internet sales, it may require some searching to find. But the search will be worth it.


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