Thursday, December 15, 2005

Same Old, Same Old

There’s nothing much new and/or exciting going on here. Just the same old stuff – it’s snowing (we’re supposed to get 3 to 5 inches today, so I’ll probably get to go home early. Yay!), I have a lot of things to do (didn’t get anything done last night because we were busy at church, preparing gift bags for the kids’ service that’s happening this weekend – that I won’t be attending because of our 1st wedding anniversary which is on Sunday), and I’m exhausted as usual.

I’m excited for our anniversary this weekend, although, again, it’s nothing really exciting that we’re doing. It is, however, something special to us.

We bought ourselves a new mattress about a month ago, so that’s our anniversary present to each other. So practical, yet possibly, so romantic.

We’re also going out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Beggar’s Banquet, in East Lansing. We celebrated our first dating anniversary there (almost four years ago), and we had our wedding reception there. It’s special to us, so I’m glad that’s where we’re going. The service is great, their menu changes each season and is always delicious, and it’s kind of a funky atmosphere, which we enjoy.

This week is also exam week at Michigan State, which means that by Sunday night, when we go out to celebrate, most of the kids will be gone so we should be able to celebrate in peace.

Since the 1st anniversary is the “Paper” anniversary, and since we didn’t want to spend anything extra on gifts, I’ve written my husband a poem/letter which I will write out on nice paper and give to him at dinner. My goal is to make him cry in public. I’m evil, I know, but I think I’ve really done a good job with my writing this time and I know he’ll love it. He’s helped me grow and mature so much since I met him, and the letter is all about how much I appreciate having him in my life.

So, bonus points to me if he cries.

And minus points to me if I cry.

Which I totally will if he cries, because I’m completely lost when I see a man cry.


At 12/15/2005 6:39 PM, Blogger Sizzle said...

i hope you both cry and it comes out even. :)


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