Monday, December 05, 2005

How Many is Too Many?

My husband thinks that I have too many cook books.

You see, I love to cook and bake. It's my way of relaxing. It's fun and I learn new things and I always love trying out new recipes. I subscribe to a few different cooking magazines - Cooking Light, Every Day Food, Gourmet, and Better Homes and Gardens. I've had other subscriptions in the past. I also have been given and bought many cook books. In fact, cook books and magazines take up two shelves on our book case.

What really drives him nuts is when I look up recipes on line and print them out (I do have a binder so at least they stay semi-organized). He thinks that I should use the cook books I already have instead of printing off new recipes (of course some of his favorites - like Paula Deen's Meatloaf - are some that I've gotten from the internet).

All told, I probably have about 20 cook books and many more magazines. About once a year I go through the magazines and cut out the recipes I want and put them into a binder (which of course I have plenty of - I just recycle the ones from under grad and grad school. There are good things about being a sometimes-packrat. I have these things sitting around.).

I really think that he's afraid that I'll have as many as my mom some day. He hates to have too much stuff around, and she has probably over 100 cook books.

So, how many cook books are too many? Is there such a think as too many cook books? And should he complain since all these recipes keep him in good dinners and sweet treats?


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