Thursday, April 27, 2006

"I don't know!"

Currently I have a dark purple bruise about the size of a quarter on my knee. While sitting in bed this morning watching the news, Aaron came in the room, looked at my knee and said "Ew! What the hell did you do this time?"

I honestly replied "I don't know!"

I know I'm not the only one who will look at some part of their body, see a big bruise and think "Where did that come from? I don't remember doing anything that would cause that." Maybe I just need to pay a little more attention, but, seriously: where do these bruises come from?

The first mystery bruise in my life that I can remember happened one day when I woke up with a black eye. I was about 3 or 4 and my mom freaked out. We figure maybe I fell out of bed (which was a frequent occurrence for me as a child, and why I slept on a mattress on the floor for many years) and hit my head on the rocking chair next to my bed, but we're still not sure exactly what happened. Regardless of how it happened, the rocking chair was moved across the room, just in case. That one was definitely the most memorable of the mystery bruises.

I most frequently get the mystery bruises on my arms and legs. That could be from my tendency to not quite make it through a door. What I mean is this: when walking out a door or around a corner, I frequently don't seem to leave myself enough room and run right into the wall with my arm or leg. This amuses Aaron to no end because he claims he's never seen anyone do that before. I know I'm not the only one who does this one though, because I've seen my mom and sister do the same thing. I think it's genetic, Aaron thinks it's a spatial relations problem - that I just don't know where I end or the wall begins. He also thinks I should pay more attention to where I'm going.

I just can't wait for the day we have a kid and they show up with random bruises (wait, that doesn't sound exactly how I meant it) and Aaron sees that it just happens. I'm sure my kids will run in to walls too. Or fall when they're just standing there. Yeah, I do that too. What can I say, I'm the true definition of a klutz.


At 4/27/2006 11:18 AM, Blogger Sizzle said...

i am a klutz too. my friend is always asking me, with an eyebrow raised, "where did you get THAT bruise?!" like i am secretly in some abusive relationship. seriously i am just not really coordinated. ;)

At 4/27/2006 1:01 PM, Anonymous flybunny said...

I have lots of unexplained bruises as well, always have. My college roomate used to say I bruised like a grape. Of course in college my lack of knowledge of where the bruises came from could usually be attributed to the amount of beer I had that night but I digress.

I think I have a permanent bruise on my thigh right above my knee because about 5x a week, I run into the foot board of our bed - we have had this bed forever and I know that part sticks out but still manage to bang into it.

Hope your bruise is better soon.

At 4/27/2006 1:02 PM, Anonymous flybunny said...

Forgot to add that I was tested for anemia when I was in elementary school because of the amount of bruising I had and results came back negative and the pediatrician told my Mom she just bruises easily - or at least that is how I remember it.

At 4/27/2006 9:57 PM, Blogger mama_tulip said...

I'm a huge klutz. I come by it honestly; my mom was a klutz, and so is my daughter. I bruise easily and so does she -- it doesn't help that we're both really pasty, too. I've never woken up with a black eye, though. That's the Champion mystery bruise.


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