Sunday, July 30, 2006

Why this weekend completely ruled

You'll never guess where I'm blogging from right now!

First, a little back-story. On Friday Aaron and I were discussing our finances and how there are so many things we want - a house, a baby, vacations, new toys, etc - and how there never seems to be enough money. Also? We decided we need to quit spending mney so we can save up for at least the house and the baby.

Then the buzzer for the front door buzzed. It was our new cell phones, which were free, so hey, we got some new toys, but those will only keep us entertained for so long. Then Aaron decided to go bum around town because he had the day off and wanted to look into a rack for his fishing rods and make a trip to his favorite places - Dick's sporting goods and Best Buy. He came back very excited, because while he was out he discovered something.

You see, we have a desktop computer that is a few years old and which has been having problems lately - mostly my fault for downloading stupid stuff and not paying attention to those alerts that come up about updates, etc. So Aaron decided to look into a new computer, specifically a laptop for me.

When he went to Best Buy on Friday the laptop he had priced out online with some extra options was on sale. For $200 less than what it was for sale for on the website. On Saturday we returned to Best Buy, completely ignoring the conversation from the night before, and bought the computer.

So, I'm blogging from my bed on my new laptop. I don't know why, but we always seem to make purchases in twos.

Also? I got some new shoes this weekend, Aaron got a new shirt, and we made an impromptu trip to Lake Michigan. I guess you could say that this weekend completely kicked ass. Because it totally did.


At 7/31/2006 1:00 AM, Blogger Mrs. Flinger said...

ooh, la la! I love love the blogging from bed thing. It's a bit dangerous if you couple that with beer as I'm a bit too open when I blog tipsy. :-)

Thanks for stopping by today!

At 8/01/2006 8:18 AM, Anonymous mamatulip said...

I love blogging from bed!


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