Thursday, December 21, 2006


So, let's say, hypothetically of course, that you wake up in the morning to find your spouse finally asleep on the couch after he/she had been unwillingly awake for a large portion of the night (stupid insomnia). Let's say he/she is exhausted and crabby (due to exhaustion). Oh, and did he/she mention exhausted? Because he/she totally is.

Anyway, so let's say it's normally your job to make the coffee in the morning, while he/she normally sits in bed watching the Today show (and no, you're not allowed to voice your complaints about this; the news is important). Well, on this morning you're busy with other stuff, and you neglect to make the coffee, so you say to him/her (who is desperately in need of a caffeine IV), "I didn't make coffee this morning. That's not a big deal, is it?"

Hypothetically, would you expect to find yourself dead in the few moments after uttering those words? Because it's totally a big freaking deal. Did you miss the whole exhausted/crabby thing he/she had going on, or the words "I need major coffee" practically written on his/her forehead?

For the record, I would never kill Aaron. I don't even want him to ever feel an ounce of pain. But if I could somehow make him see the error of his ways quite clearly, it would be nice. I'm off to find that caffeine IV now.


At 12/21/2006 10:05 AM, Blogger Kelley said...

I think this is one of those cases where capital punishment is definitely on the table. You just don't come between a woman and her caffeine addiction. Ever.

At 12/21/2006 4:40 PM, Blogger Isabel said... lost me after you mentioned The Today Show.

Matt's hott, right? (I heart him!)

At 12/22/2006 8:14 AM, Anonymous Jenny said...

Death might be a bit much but I think he should expect to lose a limb.


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