Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hard. Like a Rock.

The new mattress was delivered at about 7:30 last night. It came in plastic wrapping (thank God as it was POURING last night - although the pouring did pause long enough for them to bring in the mattress set, so not too much water around the apartment. Bonus!) and looks very pretty. The delivery "men" (because they were maybe 20) dropped it off and Aaron and I excitedly set it up. We could have had the delivery guys set it up, but Aaron was afraid they'd hit our ceiling fan with something and break it, so we did it ourselves. We are very handy.

First things first, we set up the frame. The frame has wheels you need to put in. Aaron did this and managed to scrape the hell out of his wrist when he was pounding one in with his hand, so therefore he looks like he had a very bad day yesterday what with the bandage we put together to stop the bleeding. That was fun with a new white mattress and clean white sheets. He did avoid getting the blood on anything, so that was good.

After the frame was put together and in place we set up the mattress, stretched our mattress pad and sheets onto the mattress (because it is about 3 inches thicker than our last mattress and therefore the sheets, they are a little tight) and threw on the duvet. We laid down and it felt oh so comfortable.

At about 9:30, we couldn't resist it calling our names, so we moved in there to watch our shows and enjoy the new mattress. It seemed comfortable then, but compared to our former mushy pile of mush mattress, it was pretty firm. In fact it was hard. Like a rock.

Also, we had a wind storm last night so that was loud.

At about 2:30 I woke up with a stabbing pain in my shoulder and hip. The wind was very loud, and we must have kicked up some dust from the packaging the mattress came in so I couldn't breathe. I laid there until about 3:00, then I moved to the couch because tossing and turning will wake up the other person in the bed, right?

Wrong. He slept like a log the entire night and woke up refreshed. I slept like a colicky infant - not at all and feeling like crying loudly because of it. I'm sure I'll adjust, I always sleep horribly the first night in a new bed, but last night was hell.

Thank God for a tall cup of strong coffee. Otherwise I'd be completely worthless today.


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