Monday, November 14, 2005

The Meme

Okay, so finally, here's the Meme that I wrote about the other day. Nothing too exciting, but it was the first meme I was invited to do so that was kind of flattering. Here Goes:

5 Things

10 years ago - I was a sophomore in high school and I painted my fingernails a different color ever night to match my outfit for the next day.
8 years ago - I was just about to start dating my high school sweetheart and I was fighting with a friend over him.
4-7 years ago - College. Also meeting my husband (about 4 3/4 years ago). That was a good semester!
2 years ago - I was in my first semester of graduate school and working two jobs. I was slightly busy.
Now - I am enjoying life as a bona fide adult (i.e. no school, full time job, not completely broke) and I'm about to turn 26.

Five Yummy Things
1. Macaroni and cheese
2. Bruschetta
3. Soup (particularly tomato basil soup)
4. Fritos Chili Cheese Dip
5. Edamame

Five Songs I Know by Heart
1. The Luckiest (Ben Folds)
2. Sugar We're Going Down (Fall Out Boy)
3. Nightswimming (R.E.M.)
4. Crocodile Rock (Elton John)
5. Michigan State University Fight Song - Go Green!

Five Things I Would Do with A Lot of Money
1. Buy a house
2. Two new cars
3. Pay off college loans and other debts.
4. Travel through Europe
5. Save some for my (future) kids

Five Places I Would Escape To:
1. New York City
2. San Francisco
3. Tropical Islands
4. Home
5. My Grandparents' House

Five Things I Would Never Wear
1. Bermuda Shorts (they're just not flattering on me)
2. Mid-drift baring tops
3. Blue Lipstick
4. Platform Shoes/Boots (there's a story behind this one. I'll tell it some other time)
5. A Fanny Pack

Five favorite TV Shows
1. Desperate Housewives
2. CSI
3. America's Next Top Model
4. America's Funniest Home Videos
5. Arrested Development (and I totally almost cried last Friday when the cancellation news came out).

Five Things I Enjoy Doing
1. Being with my family and Aaron.
2. Cooking and Baking
3. Traveling
4. Playing Board Games
5. Hiking

Five Favorite Toys
1. Settlers of Catan Board Game
2. Scrabble
3. Sudoku Books
4. Sponge Bob Square Pants and the Battle for Bikini Bottom video game
5. The Sims

Five People who Get This Meme
Bethiclaus, Miss Sizzle, Mabel, JustJane, and Ellen


At 11/15/2005 2:06 PM, Blogger Sizzle said...

oooh! good thing i scrolled down. i woulda missed being tagged. ;)


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