Friday, November 11, 2005

Spam Sucks!

Well, I have decided to turn on the word verification option in my comments - sorry if this causes any annoyance. I had to do it because the spam was driving me nuts. I usually notice it right away and delete it, but lately they've been going into old posts and so I have to search through my posts figuring out where it is, so that on the off chance that someone may be surfing through my archives they don't get stuck reading something like:

Hey! Great Site. Check out my site sometime. It's all about enlarging your penis and pleasing your woman.

Yeah, it's great. Love reading those comments.

In other news, the chocolate chip cookies won the "vote" yesterday, so that's what I'm making. I use a recipe called "My Big, Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies" (here's the link to the recipe if you'd like to try it) and they are AWESOME! I made them for a church group meeting one night and the 6 of us finished them all - one girl even unbuttoned her pants because she was so full. I guess I'm glad she felt that comfortable around us, or something. Anyway, they're good and huge and chocolatey and best straight out of the oven.

One other thing, a small town near where I live has made the national news and even David Letterman because a high school senior was elected mayor of the town this past Tuesday. He wasn't even old enough to register for the election (because he was not yet a registered voter) when it was time so he waited until he was 18 and ran a write-in campaign. It's kind of cool that he won (by two votes) but I do have some issues. First, I remember what I was like at that age, and he's still planning on going to college while he's working, but he'll have to be extra responsible and not party like most college students. Can you imagine that headline? "Mayor Gets Charged with Minor in Possession". Also, he's kind of a goon. He was on the Today show this morning and he kept making weird faces, and you could completely tell that Katie Couric thought he was a good. Hopefully he'll overcome the obstacle of being young and goon-ish to do some good for the town. I wish him the best of luck!

Well, TGIF and all that. Hope everyone has a good weekend. I think we're going mattress shopping, so that should be either fun or stress-inducing, depending on if my husband and I can agree on what we want.


I don't know if it was what I wrote earlier, or just a good spam day, but I got two questionable URLs in my stats - one that mentioned make-her-horny and another that had pokersafety.

Also, I played around with my sidebar a little in an effort to deal with the tempate that blogger gave me. I'd love a new one but I'm also too lazy to create one.


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