Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

I just looked out my office window, and saw something I haven't seen for many months.


Winter has begun, and it has begun rather suddenly. It was close to sixty degrees here yesterday.

Now I'm craving hot cocoa (with peppermint schnapps, of course) and Christmas carols.

Happy Winter everyone!


At 11/16/2005 3:13 PM, Anonymous TB said...

I hear ya. It was in the 60's here yesterday too and now we're expecting snow showers. I would be happy to never see snow again, except maybe on Christmas.

At 11/16/2005 3:42 PM, Anonymous Jenna said...

Snow in Traverse City too! Love Michgian!! :)

At 11/16/2005 5:40 PM, Anonymous honestyrain said...

we've got winter here too, rather suddenly. day before yesterday we thought ti might not ever snow and now? it looks like the middle of january out there. i am not a big fan of the winter but at the beginning it's very pretty and invigorating.

At 11/17/2005 10:39 AM, Anonymous S said... chocolate with peppermint schnapps, my favorite!

At 11/17/2005 4:17 PM, Blogger JustJane said...

So Friday night then? Peppermint Patties (hot cocoa and peppermint schapps) Sounds like a plan!

At 11/17/2005 10:23 PM, Blogger Sizzle said...

man! i want some winter. it is 73 and sunny here. :(


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