Monday, March 20, 2006

Friends, Fun, and Blue Drinks of DEATH!

We've arrived safely home from Indiana, and are ready to start the week. Well, at least I am. Aaron is home sick today. He was thinking about just calling in sick, but then actually got sick (rotten luck, eh?) and so he's home in bed. The lucky bastard!

The weekend was, to be honest, it was pretty boring. We did have some fun, but mostly on Friday and only until about 7 pm. We found out that we are to old to start drinking at 11:30 am and expect to keep going throughout the night. We also learned (and by we I mean Aaron) about the importance of pacing yourself when drinking for 8 hours straight. There are pictures on Flickr (click the banner to the right if you're interested) and you can definitely see the progression of drunkness throughout the day.

We started the day at a winery, which was suprisingly lovely. Aaron and I had passed the winery on the way down to his friends' house and it was right off the freeway. This led to all kinds of jokes for about the next five minutes, such as: "What an interesting bouquet! I'm getting notes of anti-freeze and a slight aftertaste of carbon monoxide. Delicious!" and "Did you taste this Cab? You can actually taste a cab in it! Smoky, oily, and aged nicely. Mmmmm." and so on. We are such snobs.

We each tasted about 6 wines, got a glass of wine for the winery tour, and then the four of us split two bottles of wine over lunch. Quite an auspicious start to the day, actually. After sobering up a little we headed back into town and made the smart decision to call a cab to take us to the bar district, where we started at an Irish pub.

This is where the boys really started in on the heavy drinking, and where we girls decided that it would be a good idea to pace ourselves because someone had to be sober enough later to, I don't know, walk? Aaron had two pints of Guiness, his friend Dave had a half-yard of beer, Dave's girlfriend Natalie had mead, and I had an Irish Coffee.

Did I mention that I'm quite a bit Irish? And that I love whiskey? Also, that whiskey doesn't usually like me? However, Irish Coffee and I? We are best friends. (Also apparently question marks and I. Geez.) From there we continued on to a five other bars (including one where I had my very first, and probably last, flaming shot. They're not quite as exciting as one would think. Especially when the bar has no way to light them and you have to search for someone with matches or a lighter first.) ending up at a bar called "The Upstairs Bar".

And then there were the BLUE DRINKS OF DEATH! that did us all in. Here is a picture of me with my blue drink of DEATH!:

Beware. It looks pretty, but it will KILL YOU! For it is the BLUE DRINK OF DEATH!

I was actually still pretty okay at this point, having really paced myself and only having diet Coke at a couple of bars. This is also where the pictures ended because, honestly, it was not very pretty after that. Aaron was not doing well, so we went back to his friends' place and I took care of him the rest of the night. I hate seeing him not feeling well, so it was a long sleepless night. We all ended up going to bed at about nine-thirty, which just really confirmed how old we are.

Saturday was spent recuperating, and yesterday we left at about 10 to come home. I read an entire book in the car over the weekend, which was nice, and which also meant that Aaron enjoyed listening to NCAA games on the radio while we drove because I wasn't paying attention to the radio at all. Overall it was a nice weekend, although not one I want to recreate any time soon. I'm really glad to be home, and sleeping in my own bed last night was heaven.

And! It's the first day of spring! I am very excited about this. Spring is my favorite season because it gets warmer and there are flowers everywhere. It's just beautiful today (cold, but beautiful), and it's just supposed to keep getting better. I really do love spring.


At 3/20/2006 3:04 PM, Anonymous Jess said...

I'm with you on the blue drinks.

But that's a cute green clutch you have there!

At 3/20/2006 4:54 PM, Blogger JustJane said...

Glad you had a good time. Can't wait to hear more stories. Missed you this weekend. I didn't have anyone to throw stuff at the tv with during the bball games!!!

At 3/20/2006 5:43 PM, Blogger Brianne said...

woo hoo for Indiana!

**not really, as we're under a winter storm advisory on the first day of spring, but at least you enjoyed the state ;)


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