Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fog Redux

I take back some of what I said about the fog yesterday – I actually like the fog, I just don’t like driving in it. It was a beautiful morning, the air was heavy but it was silent save for one mourning dove cooing from the stand of trees near our building. It was the perfect Michigan morning temperature, which is around fifty degrees.

There are many routes I could take to work, but the one I prefer is through the countryside between my apartment and my office. There is one section of the road that is heavily wooded and the trees form a canopy over the road for about a quarter mile. Yesterday morning there was fog hanging near the ground, a bright green canopy overhead, and sun peaking through the trees. It was incredibly beautiful and calming. I think I like that section of the drive so much because it is just so full of nature and you can’t see anything man-made, except the road, when you are in the thick of it.

Another area along my drive that I love is a tiny cemetery off to the side of the road that is actually in someone’s side yard. There are probably twenty ancient-looking gravestones scattered about in no particular pattern. There are a few graveyards similar to this one around the area and for some reason I am captivated by them. I plan to eventually take pictures of them and this morning made me wish that I had chosen today to capture this particular one on film. Again, it was the fog hanging close to the ground and the way the sunlight slipped through the leaves that gave it a very peaceful appearance.

(As a side note, Aaron thinks I’m a little creepy for being so obsessed with these “mini-ancient cemeteries” as I call them. I just think they’re so incredibly cool, although I don’t know if I’d want to be the one with a cemetery in my side or front yard. That might be a little much for me. Looking at them while I’m driving past and maybe capturing a picture or two will be enough for me.)

If I decide on an alternate route in the morning, I pass by many farms, including one field that’s full of sheep, one donkey and one llama, another with countless cows (including calves this time of year – too adorable), and another which is a miniature horse farm. I don’t think there’s anything cuter than a baby miniature horse. They’re so tiny!

Aaron and I have been discussing for a long time how much we’d like to move back to my home town. There are many attractive qualities to living there, including being closer to both my family and his and a great, close-knit community. However, if we do ever get the chance to move back, I think that I would truly miss my drive to work and all the associated sights along the way. The peaceful drive to work really starts off my day in the right way.


At 5/04/2006 3:31 PM, Anonymous TB said...

Your drive sounds lovely. And when you said a miniature horse farm, I thought you meant it was a small farm at first, not that they actually raise miniature horses. How cool is that?

At 5/04/2006 8:04 PM, Blogger Jenny said...

I like those little cemeteries too. I have lots of photos I've taken of them. Oddly enough I've asked to be cremated upon my demise.


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