Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I Would...but I Can't

I would have a great big, fun entry for you today, if I hadn't spent 4 hours (yes that's right, 4 hours) last night playing a computer game. I won't tell what it is though, because that would make me sound like even more of a geek.

I would write more about the cookies (which, Aaron told me I had to make another batch as soon as I come home tonight because they're almost gone. The recipe made almost 4 dozen cookies and I've had fewer than nine. Dude! Stop with the eating of all the cookies!) but that's not very exciting.

I would write about the latest hot topic in the blogosphere (as written about by both Dooce and Amalah yesterday), but I'm not ready to discuss that yet as I'm not quite past it.

I would write about a lot of things today, but I have to leave in five minutes for a meeting that lasts all. damn. day. long. (Grrr....)

So instead, this is what you get. Maybe I'll do something more interesting than look at a computer screen tonight so I have something to tell you about tomorrow. I wouldn't hold your breath though.


Updated: If you want the funny today (which you are certainly not getting here. Sorry.) go here to and read about some good advice and her unfortunate way of discovering it. I'm seriously crying with laughter.


At 8/18/2006 12:26 PM, Anonymous anne nahm said...

Thank you for the link :^)


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