Saturday, November 25, 2006

Macaroni and Cheese

Today is when the thing I've been so excited about occurs. It's the day of the Great Macaroni and Cheese Bake-Off/Wine Tasting. This is what we're doing to celebrate my birthday this year, and if it's as much fun as I'm expecting, I'm going to suggest celebrating my birthday in this manner every year. Plus, I still get dinner out at my favorite restaurant on my actual birthday. You just can't go wrong either way.

I've been a big fan of macaroni and cheese since I was really little. From about age 2 to age 4 it's all I would eat. Well, that and hot dogs (which I, apparently, referred to as "hot gogs"). My mom tells me that she was really worried that these were the only foods I'd eat, but the doctor told her not to worry - there were worse things I could be insisting on eating.

Back then, macaroni and cheese was made kind of by scratch by my mom. By kind of, I mean that the macaroni and cheese was made with noodles, milk, and Velveeta. Looking back I think I would have been worried by my insistence on only eating really processed foods. Oh, well. I've made it this far, so I guess it's not too bad.

When I was about 12 I tasted the Kraft version of macaroni and cheese for the first time (hint: it tastes a lot better if you use cream to mix it with instead of regular milk). I wasn't as big a fan of that as I was of Kraft Shells and Cheese - must still be the Velveeta thing.

After Aaron and I started dating I started making the real thing - baked macaroni and cheese. This meant I got it much less often, but it was much better in quality so I think the trade-off was worth it. I usually make this version if I make the baked kind, and it is sooooo good. Well, okay, I make it with all regular cheddar because Aaron can't stand the white cheddar. But still. It's delicious.

Then we found this recipe and this is what we now typically make when we want mac and cheese but don't feel like investing the time to make the baked stuff. It's delicious too.

Today we're promised all different versions of my favorite food - from one containing lobster, to some creation with Gorgonzola (which Aaron hates so double portion for me! Woohoo!). And! There's a wine pairing with each version. I'm seriously having trouble sitting still.

Although that could have to do with the fact that my rear is incredibly sore from my spinning class yesterday. Yet another reason taking that class was a bad choice - not only should you not take your first spinning class in four years the day after eating mashed potatoes and pie like there was no tomorrow, but you shouldn't take it the day before you have to sit in a car for hours on end. Because I can barely handle sitting. I'm really not smart sometimes.


At 11/26/2006 9:51 PM, Anonymous anne nahm said...

Awww... That sounds like a great birthday! Wine pairing with Mac & Cheese is the perfect blend of grown up and still little. Hope you had a good time.


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