Friday, November 17, 2006

Five for Friday

I have a busy Friday ahead of me, so here are five things on my mind this Friday morning.

1. Thanksgiving just got possibly even more interesting. My mom called me last night to ask if it was okay if her friend came and ate dinner with us, because otherwise she was going to be all alone for the holiday. I, like my mom, take in "strays" regularly - anyone who needs a place to be is welcome at my place. Well, I really like this friend, and I've known her my whole life, but she is a little, um, out there. She's a radical pot-smoking lesbian, to be frank. And remember how I said yesterday that my brother-in-law and his wife are super religious? I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that they'll have enough tact to keep their mouths shut whatever they may think about my mom's friend, but I'm also a little nervous. I'm even more nervous because my mom's friend can be a little loud-mouthed, and sometimes offensive. This should be really interesting.

2. I wish America's Next Top Model was on two times a week and lasted two times as long. I am just too addicted to this show. I was really worried about CariDee getting voted off last week, but thank goodness, she's still on, because I really want her to win. I think she's has the most potential and is the nicest (*ahem - Melrose, niceness helps - ahem*) girl on the show. But it's really hard to wait for next Wednesday to find out what happens.

3. I told Aaron that I would have a surprise for him when he got home from work today. He was really excited and wanted to know what it was, but I wouldn't even give him so much as a hint. (And if he were smart he'd read this website and find out what it is, but he never reads so I'm feeling safe.) He said earlier this week that he really wanted to rent the movie "Cars" this weekend, so that's what I'm planning on doing on my lunch break so I can have it for him when he gets home. (Yes, we're dorks who like animated kid flicks. What of it?) Now I realize that maybe I shouldn't have gotten his hopes up. I'm betting the video store won't have any copies in when I go to rent it.

4. I'm really digging the Holiday flavors of coffee creamers that are out right now. My favorites so far are Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Mocha, but there's also eggnog, holiday spice (gingerbread), and caramel praline. good.

5. I have an entire mountain of laundry to do this weekend on top of scrubbing my house from top to bottom. Sounds like a fun weekend, no?


At 11/17/2006 10:00 AM, Anonymous Audrey said...

We are dorks who love animated kid flicks, too! We haven't seen cars, but I've heard it's really good. I hope the video store has a copy for you.

And think of Thanksgiving this way -- if nothing else, you'll get some great blog material out of it! :)

At 11/17/2006 10:03 AM, Blogger Kelley said...

Oh, the potential for Thanksgiving drama! I hope they all get along...

And I love some of those kid flicks! A lot of them do a really good job to catering to the adults as much as the kids, at least with the humor.

And good luck with the laundry pile! I have one of my own to work on...

At 11/17/2006 10:16 AM, Anonymous donna said...

Yes, definitely consider it blog fodder. Hopefully there won't be any explosive exchanges. You might have to plan chores for everyone to do to keep them apart!rp

At 11/17/2006 12:28 PM, Anonymous Vicki said...

"She's a radical pot-smoking lesbian, to be frank" this made me laugh out loud. In my little office. With men standing outside the door who KNOW I'M IN HERE ALONE.! Do you think you could do me a favor? Get a picture of the Post Smoking Lesbian for me? And if she could PLEASE be sitting next to the uptight brother in law and wife that would be just PERFECT! =)

I think is thinking more along the lines of S E X. Varrom Varrooom!

If I lived close. I'd help you clean your house. I'm like that kinda stuff.

At 11/17/2006 6:52 PM, Anonymous ali said...

i love me some caridee...but seriously, the girl needs to take some acting classes.

At 11/19/2006 8:38 PM, Anonymous Jenny said...

ANTM. Oh hell yes.

But I miss crazy-ass Janice Dickenson.


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