Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Pour Some Sugar on Me

I don't know if I'm embarrassed to admit this, or if I'm so retro it's cool. But here goes:

I'm going to a Def Leppard/Bryan Adams concert tonight. And I'm "totally stoked" about it.

Yes I'm a dork. But I totally plan to post pictures afterwards.

Here's another 80's hair metal story to keep you entertained until then.

Last year my friend (I'll call her "M" (and not the same M as in the "Drive Through Ass" story)) and I went on a bar crawl with a couple of my old college friends. Now one of these old friends I used to sort-0f/kind-of date. As in when I needed a date for a party he's the guy I called. And he was older so when I was under 21 he would buy me drinks. Well, he still kind of had a thing for me and was being obnoxious and it was all awkward, so I proceeded to get completely sloshed. As did M and the old friend.

Old friend was being a sulky drunk at the last bar we were at. M and I decided to ignore him, so she and I went to the other side of the bar where there was an 80's hair metal cover band playing. We were the only 2 females out on the dance floor, but we were having a great time. (We were also about 3 or 4 years older than anyone else there, so we may not be cool anymore. Whatever.) Well, since we were the only two women on the floor the band took notice of us and, possibly, our drunkenness. So they had us sing the refrain to "Talk Dirty to Me". It was a blast!

Old friend called us geeks and was still being sulky, so we were out there the whole rest of the night, drunk as hell and singing and dancing our little 80's hair-metal loving hearts out.

So tonight? Should be fun. Only with a lot less drinking involved. I think I'm sneaking in a flask. Wish me luck!


At 8/12/2005 9:20 AM, Blogger JustJane said...

That was an awesome night especially because we could actually remember when those 80s songs were released. Yes America, there was music created before 1990! And it is fun to listen to something besides Dave Matthews in a college bar! Jessie, we gotta do that again some time! You certainly can be a wild child!



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