Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Free Time and a Good Book

I love to read (the first time I typed that it read "I live to read" which may be more appropriate). So, when I have ample free time, and a good book, like I did this past weekend, I am in heaven.

I've been trying to read The Da Vinci Code for a while now, but had only made it about 100 pages in until Friday night. I sat down to read, and got a little further into it. Then on Saturday, while my husband had a chance to play a game we got a while back, I sat on the couch and read for about 4 hours straight. It was AWESOME! I got through all but 50 pages of the book, then I finished it on Sunday afternoon.

When I was growing up, our parents limited our television viewing to 1 hour a week plus cartoons on the weekend. We also only had one channel - ABC - so our choices were also limited. (We did get to rent a video on the weekend usually as well, but seeing as how we tended to rent the same video over and over again, we didn't see many movies either.) This gave us lots of time to either exercise our imaginations or read. I did both, but was definitely a voracious reader. By the time I was in the seventh grade, I started reading adult books because I had read everything that was interesting to me in the children's/young adult's section.

Now I find time to read only sporadically. I know that I'll have less and less free time to read once I have children and other family obligations, and this makes me a little sad. I should read instead of watching television, but watching tv with Aaron is time spent together and since he's not much of a book reader, he gets antsy if we're just sitting around together and I'm reading.

But, I'm still going to try to read more often. I have a James Patterson book I've been working on for a while (since before Christmas actually) and then there's a book coming out in early March that I can't wait to read. I just love curling up with a good book to escape for a little while. I got caught up in The Da Vinci Code, taken to foreign places and wrapped up in a good mystery.

And I can't wait to be caught up in the next good read.

P.S. Thanks for all the good movie recommendations on the last post. Unfortunately, I have seen about 90% of the recommended movies, but I am going to defintely watch those that were recommended that I have yet to see. (Also, Best in Show is just about my favorite movie ever. It's right up there on my list with Happy, Texas and Out Cold.)


At 2/21/2006 2:47 PM, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

I read constantly. And I dig a good, fun book like DaVinci Code. Try Angels & Demons if you get a chance. It's the prequel.

At 2/21/2006 5:39 PM, Anonymous Contrary said...

I actually used to get in trouble for reading when I was a kid, because I wouldn't do *anything* else if given a choice.

I also can't wait for Jenn's book.

You will have a harder time finding time to read once you have kiddos, but believe me, if ever you'll need a temporary escape, it'll be then.

At 2/21/2006 6:03 PM, Blogger Brianne said...

That's because "Best in Show" IS the best movie ever. I don't know what cracks me up more--the two women or the fight over the busy bee :P

Oh and I'm dying while waiting for Jen's book...I passed on going to South Padre island w/ my friends so I could go to chicago and have her sign my book :)


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