Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Suprise and a Good Time

Well, today’s post was supposed to be about my beautiful, bounteous tomato plants that aren’t producing the bounty they look like they should be (and I’m a little worried that they aren’t going to produce anything at all), but instead it’s about a concert I went to last night.

My friend called me right as I was leaving work yesterday to tell me she had free tickets (along with free VIP-section tickets and free drink tickets) to the Steve Miller Band concert in town last night. Not one to pass up a good time, I agreed to go, and we had an absolute blast. I have to say that the VIP section is the way to go, because we got there late and still managed to get great seats. The music was great; Steve Miller and his guys put on a great show; but the people watching? Was better than the music.

First there was the woman who was way too old to be wearing something that my 19-year-old sister would no longer wear. She also had a rhinestone heart with the word “love” in script hanging from her belt, purple-ish hair, and a smoker’s voice, which she was using to shout at her friend “Bah-bay!” (I think that's her form of "Bobby") from the deck where we were sitting. It’s impossible to convey in words what this sounded like, but it was hilarious. It was all these prim and proper people with their kids eating dinner, and this one woman sporadically and hoarsely calling out “Bah-bay” to her friend who was in a boat about 50 feet off the deck. From her repeated failed attempts to get his attention, I’m guessing he didn’t want to talk to her, because she was yelling for a while before he responded, and there was no way he couldn’t have heard her yelling. Seriously.

Then there was bikini lady, who should not have been wearing a bikini. Now, before you think I’m mean in judging this woman’s body, I will preface this by saying that I have, what I consider to be, a better body than she did, and I don’t wear bikinis. Tankinis, maybe, but I definitely am too shy to wear a bikini. Anyway, she paired her barely-there bikini top with too-tight shorts, producing an impressive muffin top. Oh, and she was loaded, so she was swaying and dancing and falling into people all night long. It was also only about 65 degrees out when we left, and we weren’t on a beach, just along a polluted river that no one swims in, so there was really no reason to be wearing a bikini. Just sayin’.

And finally (because if I describe everyone that amused me throughout the night, this would be an incredibly long post) there was not just one, but two over-enthusiastic dancers standing in front of me. Both were pretty wasted (one definitely drunk, and the other I think was very high) and both put on quite the show.

The first lady (the high one) did an impressive rendition of a one-woman hoe-down during “Dance, dance, dance” She was having a knee-slapping good time, interspersed with her reaching up as high as she could to make the “rock” symbol with her hand. There was a very prim and proper middle-aged woman sitting next to where this woman was dancing, and I thought she was going to die from shock, watching this woman dance. It was definitely a spectacle.

The second over-enthusiastic dancer was with three other very drunk women, but she was by far the drunkest of the bunch. She was grinding away to the music, rubbing her chest, and periodically falling over. I think she may have been an un-talented stripper in a past life, because, although she had some decidedly stripper-ish moves, she wasn’t impressing anyone. She was, however, grabbing the attention of those around her. It was quite the show.

All in all we had a great time, and I was glad my friend called me to go to the concert with her. We always manage to have a great time at concerts, be it Steve Miller Band, the *ahem* Bryan Adams/Def Leppard Concert of last year, or even an 80s hair-metal cover band that had me sing the refrain to “Talk Dirty to Me”. Yeah, there’s definitely more to some of these concerts than I should admit.


At 7/11/2006 9:44 AM, Anonymous TB said...

Oh my god, you nailed it. We saw SMB a few years ago and it was a blast. The aging fans still living in 1979, the show of skin no one wants to see, the pot smokers everywhere you look. The crowd is almost better than the band, but you have to admit, they still rock.
Glad you had such a good time.

At 7/11/2006 11:10 AM, Blogger Sizzle said...

i really don't think people should be allowed to dress themselves. they should have to go through a class or something.

At 7/11/2006 12:43 PM, Blogger Julie said...

So glad to hear someone has been able to see SMB. I have missed them everytime they have been here. Although, I did have the same experiene at the Joe Walsh concert. People kept trying to get me to pass the "doobie" but I refused. I guess I was the prim and proper there. :)

Poison and Cinderella were just here last week but I had a test, bet the crowd would have been good to look at there. LOL

At 7/11/2006 2:54 PM, Blogger desiree said...

Pretend converstation between the two drunk women the next day:

"F**k I was hot"
"We were hot"
"Those guys had it hard for us"
"Steve Miller totally checked me out rubbing my boobs like that. Like I used to in my days at the mustang ranch"
"You mean before the syphylis"
"Bitch why you gotta bring that shit up"
*burns other girl with cigarette*

And it goes from there until they just call a truce and go to some pool bar in backless shirts and drink until they pass out in the men's room

I think that covers it.


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