Friday, August 19, 2005

I Totally Planned this All Wrong!

I just realized not too long ago that I totally planned my dates all wrong. I have limited my gift-receiving season to less than one month! I'm a little sad about it.

You see, my birthday, my anniversary and Christmas are all within less than one month. And Valentines Day (which we don't really celebrate) is less than two months after that, so I just really screwed the whole thing up. Not that I planned my birthday, or Christmas falling within a month of each other. Really, that one is my parents' fault. But the anniversary thing? That was totally my doing.

So, my husband and I have to decide (and these are the two options we've come up with) what to do about this. (He is lucky and has his birthday at about the half-way point of the year, so he has plenty of time in between the giving of gifts). The two solutions we have come up with are:

1. Get a huge gift (bigger than I would normally get for any one of these occasions) to celebrate all three. Or,
2. Get a gift on my half-birthday.

I don't like either of these choices really. Option 1 sucks because one big gift is less fun to unwrap than a bunch of little gifts. Option 2 is no fun, because then I miss out on getting gifts on one of the important occasions that are all lumped together.

(Wow, I realized just now how greedy this makes me sound. I don't NEED gifts, but they are fun to get. I, personally, like giving them just as much, if not more, but as my husband and I are Drama King and Queen, we need some crisis to worry about at all times).

So, I need some other ideas. Seriously. Mostly because my husband will not let me combine both options, and I can't think of any other options besides just giving gifts as normal.

Oh, what a horrible dilemma to have! (If only all my problems were this wonderful.)


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