Monday, August 22, 2005

My Weekend (otherwise entitled - Why I'm Exhausted Today)

Oh, what a weekend. My husband and I went up north to visit my family for the last weekend before my little sister heads off to college. It was great fun, but exhausting, and I'd rather still be in bed right now. However, the work week beckons and here I am at my desk (obviously working away).

We went up Friday night, and just sat around chatting and the men went to the bar. I went to bed later than normal, but the boys were out late drinking way too much whiskey (which would of course haunt them the next day).

On Saturday my mom, sister and I went to the Sommerset Collection. This is a HUGE EXPENSIVE mall in Troy, Michigan. I've always wanted to go, but never had a chance. Unfortunately because it is HUGE and EXPENSIVE I didn't get anything. Everything I would consider buying before looking at the price tag had a price tag of about $500 to $600. So I only got a pair of fun shoes at Marshall Fields on the "cheap" side of the mall. (Mostly because I was wearing cute strappy sandals, which was a bad idea since I was walking all day long, and I had developed some blisters that was making walking hard. Hence, comfortable, yet still cute, shoes.)

On Sunday we lazed around, ate home-made cinnamon rolls (YUM!) and then went to the movie my husband has since re-titled "Not to be seen with your mother-in-law and sister-in-law" or "Thank God my Father-in-law decided not to come" aka "The 40-year-old Virgin". While this movie was incredibly hilarious (my cheeks hurt from laughing when we were done) he didn't laugh very much because he was embarrassed to laugh at what was going on sitting in the same row as my mom and sister. He has requested that we go see it again so he can actually enjoy it and not turn purple because he was so embarrassed.

We made it home last night at about 8:30 and I was sleeping by 10. Good weekend, great even, but thoroughly exhausting.

And we're doing it all over again next weekend. Which should be a tear-fest since the baby of the family is leaving the nest. Should be interesting.


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