Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Best of Two

Yesterday, on one of my daily blog reads, I got jealous when I read that the writer got to go see the Weezer and Foo Fighters concert. I had heard that their concert here in Detroit was sold out. It is. But? My husband is smart and realized that they have a concert the day before in Grand Rapids, and HE BOUGHT ME TICKETS! I am SO EXCITED!

But, before we bought the tickets, we had to have a conversation of what activity we would do: the concert or the Michigan Renaissance Festival (which we had planned on visiting this weekend). See, I used to go to the renaissance festival in high school with my friends, and I remember it being a blast. So, I showed him the Ren Fair website. His eyes got big, then a smirk crossed his face. Then he rolled his eyes, announcing "You are SUCH a DORK!"

That, right there, decided it for me. I really am a dork, and would be much less dorky if we went to the concert (at least that's what I hope). Although, the renaissance festival would be a prime choice for my favorite pastime - people watching.

Well, we obviously decided on the concert, and I cannot wait to go! Maybe there will be some funny people to watch there. Or maybe I'll be so entranced with my fantasy rock 'n' roll best friend (a.k.a. Dave Grohl - I think he's just amazing) that I won't notice those around me. Oh, well. We'll see. I really am having a hard time waiting!


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