Thursday, September 01, 2005

Just 3 Things Real Quick-Like Today

Thing one:

I had a dentist appointment this morning. I'm weird, according to most people, because I actually like going to the dentist. As usual, the dentist complimented me on my perfect teeth and how nice and strong and naturally straight they are. I think that's why I like going. My last dentist told me every visit that I was practically perfect in every way. (But now, my teeth hurt and I have a headache, so I may be rethinking the excited about going to the dentist thing to not scared but not eagerly anticipating the dentist).

Thing two:

My computer is still mocking me with the "You have zero emails, bitch" thing. It's getting annoying. But! I did get 2 emails from friends overnight so that's exciting! And? They were both long emails. Even better.

Thing three:

I am having a sewer fly infestation in my office today. Which? Is gross! Before working here I had never heard of sewer flies, but the sink in our kitchen here at work emits them if the drain is not closed when not in use. There is even a sign warning people about this, but do they heed this warning? No. They NEED to take HEED (Ha, that rhymed) so that I don't have these damn gross flies bothering me all day and making me freak out a little every time one flies near me because I have a slight issue with bugs.


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