Friday, September 09, 2005

I've Changed my Name

My blog name that is. I thought that "Thoughts by J" was too generic, or boring, or something. I didn't like it anymore, and looking around the blogosphere I realized that most people use nicknames for their blog title (or at least the ones I read do), so I thought I'd use my nickname, or at least a variation of it. So here's the story of my nickname:

When I was very little I was in day care one day having a fight about my name with another little girl. My name is Jessie (not Jessica), but this little girl was not having that. She kept telling me that my name was not Jessie, it was Jessie Ca. So that night when I went home, I told my parents that my name was Jessie Ca, and from that time on my nickname at home (well, one of the many - it's very unfortunate that messy happens to rhyme with my name) was Miss Ca (you know, like my first name was Jessie and my last was Ca - I had to explain this to a friend the other day because she didn't get it, so just in case there are others out there like her, there's the explanation).

Well, since I am now married, it has become Mrs. Ca.

So that's the new title of my blog. It has nothing to do with California. At all.

Hope you like it! (Let me know what you think)


At 9/09/2005 9:03 PM, Anonymous Bethiclaus said...

I like it! Then again, my nickname is my site name, so maybe I'm partial to that. It did, however, totally confuse me when I was looking at my blogroll. I thought "Who is Mrs. Ca and how did she end up here?" Glad I didn't delete you before clicking.


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