Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The PMS Monster Strikes Again

I think I need to be put out of commission this week. By this I mean that I should stay away from everyone, both for their benefit and mine. Here's an example of why this should happen:

Friday night we went back up to my parents house (boo traveling two weekends in a row - my house is a mess because of it - but we still had a good time). My parents had ordered in from my favorite Chinese place for dinner and had gotten my favorite dish. We were late, so they had already eaten, but I sat down and fixed myself a place.

What they neglected to tell me (while watching me fill up my plate) was that my dad had ordered my favorite dish extra spicy. Usually when the restaurant does this it's bearable, and I don't know, maybe they had a new cook that night, but this was really REALLY spicy.

My husband was standing next to me as I took my first bite. As I said "wow" and choked a little on the spice, my mom volunteered "oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you it was really spicy". Thanks mom!

So as I'm turning red in the face, I turn to my dear husband and ask him if he can RUN and get me a glass of water. (And I know that doesn't help, but at that moment it's what I wanted). He laughs at me and says it can't be that bad. So I smacked him in the arm to try to hurry him along and get me the damn glass of water. Then he says, "If you're going to act like that, get it your damn self" (which, I now admit freely, I totally deserved for smacking him). At this point, I'm fuming - both from the heat of my food and my anger. So I get up, push him out of my way, stomp over to the sink, and get my water. And, boy, did I feel like throwing the water at him when I got back, but I refrained.

He left the room because I think he sensed that water coming his way was a definite possibility.

So I sat down, crying, angry, and red faced, looked at my mom, and said, "Hmm...I think maybe I'm PMSing". Her response? "Ya think?"

Yeah, I need to go back to bed and watch a girly movie and cry it out. I just can't deal with life today. And I've been this way since Friday. I definitely have to get my husband a gift for putting up with me this weekend.

(Also, I cried last night because I wanted to finish my book - Middlesex (I love it) - but I had left it at work. I totally cried for about 10 minutes about this, which was totally unnecessary and I was way overreacting. I think I need to look into a vacation or at least a sick day).


At 8/30/2005 2:39 PM, Blogger Leah said...

PMS sucks ass. But I think you were justified in being angry because it's not like you weren't in pain!

I once cried for 1/2 hour because I dropped my Valentines Day card behind the bed. But the guy still married me! What the hell? :)


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