Thursday, September 22, 2005


I am really ready for the weekend. As per usual. This weekend we once again have no plans. I might be making my husband take me out on a date. That's about all the plans we have. What an exciting life we lead!

My week has been consumed with working a lot at work and watching premiers at night. Among the things I've watched so far:
  • The premier of "How I Met Your Mother". I liked this one a lot, and it made me laugh out loud a couple of times. Looking forward to see how it progresses. Neil Patrick Harris is pretty funny, and after the work he did on "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" I was looking forward to watching him act again.
  • The season premier of "Two and a Half Men". This was my favorite sitcom of last season, and I still think it's hilarious. I laugh out loud pretty much every episode.
  • The premier of "My Name is Earl". Both my husband and I loved this one. Very funny. We both love Jason Lee, so we were sort of biased to begin with. The fact that the show is based around a comment made by Carson Daly is pretty funny. We figured they have about 7 seasons worth of things for Earl to make up for. Should be interesting to see how they keep it up.
  • Season premier of "America's Next Top Model". I'm rooting for Kyle, both because she's pretty and because she's from my state.
  • Season premier of "Law & Order". Did Jack get fired? I couldn't tell and then they just ended it. There was nothing about him in the preview for next week. I'm thoroughly confused.

Tonight are the season premiers of Joey, CSI, ER, and the series premier of Criminal minds as well as Survivor and Reunion. Tonight is the second dilemma I'm having about tv shows, but this is the most major one. Do I watch Joey or Survivor? (Survivor probably wins out here because my husband is interested in watching this season for some reason). Do I watch CSI or Reunion? Reunion looked pretty interesting two weeks ago when it premiered, but I've been watching CSI for years now. I can watch CSI reruns a lot (they're almost on as often as Law & Order reruns), but I'm just not sure. Then, do I watch ER or Criminal Minds? ER probably wins out here, even though I did get a little bored with it last season.

Ahhh...such dilemmas. I'm glad I live such an exciting and dynamic life! What does everyone else think of shows this season. Any recommendations for what I should watch?

P.S. I have my annual review today in about an hour. I'm nervous. Keep your fingers crossed or whatever you do for me!


At 9/22/2005 2:22 PM, Anonymous S said...

Unfortunately, my Gram called during the middle of "Earl", so I only saw the first half of it, but the part I did see I liked. Did you happen to watch "The Office"? It started out a little slowly but by the end I was laughing so hard I nearly fell off the couch.

I'm not sure what happend with Jack of "Law and Order" last night, either. I'm not sure that he was fired, but I think it was made clear that he could never be promoted. Maybe?

Good luck with tonight's program choices. My husband and I are also slaves to the TV tonight and this weekend, as we have no friends in our new hometown and, therefore, no social life to speak of. Here's to being couch potatoes!

At 9/22/2005 3:01 PM, Anonymous Jenna said...

Good Luck with your annual review!!

Sounds like you need tivo!!!


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