Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Favorite Time of Year

I'm so excited the holiday season is here. It's also the season that includes my birthday (although I'm kind of sad I get a year older in a week) and my anniversary. Bring on the pampering and good food!

We're doing Thanksgiving this year at my husband grandparent's house. The food is always amazing and very plentiful. I've been eating light since Sunday to make up for the thousands of calories I'm sure to ingest on Thursday. We're only going for the day, thank goodness, because his grandmother likes to make sure we have plenty to eat so if we were staying longer she'd probably make another complete meal or two for us.

Sunday we're celebrating my birthday by going to P.F. Changs for dinner and going to see the most recent Harry Potter movie (although I might do that on Saturday because not everyone that will be going to P.F. Changs with us is as excited about seeing the movie as I am - I know I'm a dork and I'm proud of it!). Tuesday (my actual birthday) Aaron is making me spaghetti and garlic bread (he makes awesome spaghetti!).

This is going to be a fun week. Plus the four day weekend. Yay!

I'm just hoping Aaron feels better by Thursday. He's home sick today, and if he's still sick on Thursday we probably won't go to his grandparents' house, because I don't want to get anyone sick. I loaded him with medicine, put a pitcher of water next to the bed for him, and made chicken soup this morning for him to eat. I'm hoping that cures him.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope your holiday is wonderful.


At 11/23/2005 9:09 AM, Anonymous Jenna said...

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)


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