Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Stupid People (me included) Annoy Me

So it's snowing here today. A lot snowing actually. And I just went out to lunch and did something stupid. And then something stupid was done too me. Two somethings, really.

So, my scraper is in my apartment, not in my car where it should be, because I took it out of my other car when it went in to be repaired (which - note to self: call body shop and see if they've finished my car yet because they've had it for more than ONE MONTH now, and they don't like to call me and keep me updated) and didn't think about it until about 20 minutes ago. When I actually needed it.

I went outside to go to lunch and my driver's-side window was covered in snow. I didn't have my gloves on to scrape it off, and my hands had instantly frozen when I stepped outside so I didn't want to wipe it off.

"Ah" I thought "I'll just slam the door really hard and it will fall off"

Sounds plausible, no?

So I opened the door not really looking at how much snow was going to fall into my car when I did so.

Hint? A lot.

So, crap. Snow on seat. Sit on seat anyway. Slam door hard. Nothing.

No snow fell off. So I thought to myself "Just roll down the window, and then push it and it will fall off". Plausible? Yes. What happened? No.

I rolled it down a little too far and got snow EVERYWHERE. So I opened the door, brushed out the snow with my popsicles - I mean hands - and slammed the door again. With the window still down. Even more snow EVERYWHERE.

I? Am a stupid person.

SO...after that fun, I went to the local Taco Bell for lunch (which, I know, asking for trouble). While there I confirmed a theory I've had for a while now. When you order something at Taco Bell and ask for no meat in it? They'll look at you like you just said you killed their puppy. Sort of stupified and confused, and all "Why? What?" And I'm like "Just the burrito, no meat" and they'll be like "So just rice and beans?" and I'm like "Bingo" And then they do this sort of annoyed eyeroll and punch the order into their little computer. I don't understand why this is so hard.

Then, I got back and started eating my burrito. Apparently they think that if you don't want meat, then you must want extra beans. Which, no. I do not. And this is especially not good if (TMI warning) I'm headed to the gym in just a few short hours. Sorry ladies, you'll be getting more from me than just a work-out buddy today. Just don't pick the machine next to me and everything will be all right.

Good thing I'm leaving work early today. Maybe the gym won't be as crowded as usual and I can avoid complete and utter embarrassment.


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