Sunday, January 08, 2006

Guess what I Finally Got

That's right. I finally got my digital camera. We were supposed to get one about 12 weeks ago, but then the accident happened, and so we had to save the money to pay for that instead.

This is technically our Christmas present from my parents. We did a bunch of research on cameras before buying one, and finally decided on the Canon PowerShot A620. I am SO excited and I've been playing with it all day so far.

Although, mostly we've been taking pictures of random stuff around our apartment just to play with the features and then erasing them right away. There are a ton of cool features and I've tried out just about all of them so far except for the movie feature. I'm saving that for when we have a memory card big enough to actually hold whatever I decide to record (which will most likely be a stupid husband trick).


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