Wednesday, May 24, 2006


So, today I did something I haven't done in like a week and a half. I worked out. I know, I've been bad, but I have an excuse. Really, I do!

Ever since I found out my annoying ear thing (which is getting much, much better by the way - Yay!) was caused by weight loss (specifically by losing weight to fast and being one of the lucky people to get a rare disorder) I have been a little more lax on my diet/exercise regime. Specifically? It's been much more junk food and much less exercise. I've only gained back two pounds, so that's good, but I decided today that if I didn't get my butt back to the gym that I was going to get my old butt back, and I didn't want that.

So I went, and did a full circuit on the weight machines and half an hour on the elliptical. But now? I'm really freaking exhausted. Good thing I convinced Aaron that he should make dinner tonight, so I can be lazy. Which I totally deserve after a workout, right? Also, I suppose it's a good thing that I was unable to convince him to order a pizza for dinner.

P.S. If you haven't given your opinion on the shoes from yesterday's post, please feel free. I need all the feedback I can get. I'm horrible at making decisions on my own.


At 5/29/2006 9:26 PM, Blogger Spider63 said...

pizza and exercise! That's my favorite diet!


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