Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Plate, She is Full Today

I can't believe it's actually happening, or that the day seems to be here so quickly. My baby brother is getting married in only 3 days. 3 DAYS! I can't wait, and yet I can't believe he's actually an adult and can do things like, oh, get married already.

The original plan was to leave early Friday morning, but we're all chomping at the bit to get up there, so plans have changed and we're leaving early tomorrow morning. That means I have a lot of stuff to do before then, including:

1. Finishing up a draft document at work (that I should have started on yesterday but didn't).

2. Going to the doctor - I think I have a bladder infection, which is perfect right before going on a long car ride, right? I mean, the constant need to go to the bathroom and not being anywhere near a bathroom for hours, especially once we hit the Upper Peninsula is bound to be a great time. Gah!

3. Doing two, maybe three, loads of laundry.

4. Packing, which I'm horrible at. I always forget two things: deodorant and pajamas. Both very important things to remember, no? I think I'm going to have to make a list today before I get home so that I can check things off and make sure I have everything I need. Also? I overpack like it's my job, and I'm very good at what I do.

5. Yoga class. I haven't been in a month and I really want to go tonight.

6. Somewhere in there I have to eat, especially since I can't lose or gain any weight between now and the end of August. I bought my dress for my friend's wedding (I'm the maid of honor, so I have to look presentable, am I right?) and it fits just perfectly. A pound either way could mess that up. Here's to maintaining.

So, yes, it's a busy day, but I can't wait until tomorrow when we leave. That should get me through it all, no problem.

I do, in fact, have a raging bladder infection, so yoga is totally out tonight and resting and drinking water and cranberry juice like my job is in.

Two other things:
1. I made my list for packing, and it was beautiful. And then I left it at work.
2. I won't be posting probably until Monday since I'll be away from any computers for a while as far as I know. Have a great rest of your week and weekend!


At 5/31/2006 5:58 PM, Blogger Isabel said...

Sorry about the infection. Yuck.

But hooray for the wedding. I love weddings. Can't wait for pictures!

At 6/01/2006 10:48 AM, Blogger Sizzle said...

happy wedding and fun times. don't forget your deodorant!

At 6/01/2006 12:07 PM, Blogger Contrary said...

Yikes. I feel you pain. Not right NOW, but I have felt it, and it sucks. SO feel better. And have a great time getting your baby brother married off.


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