Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Starting Over, Tra La

So yesterday was a Bad Day. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it was a Very Bad Day. I almost called in sick yesterday and realized about halfway through the day that I really should have. I was so excited last night that it was bedtime that I couldn't fall asleep right away. The day was over, Yippee!!!

Well I finally fell asleep and had bad dreams for half the night, woke up for an hour at 3, finally fell asleep again and woke up in a surprisingly good mood. I am determined to make this day so much better than yesterday. I'm going to be happy and cheerful and friendly all day, dammit. Even if it kills me.

So anyway, here are some random thoughts/occurrences that in no way are related, but which I've been saving for a day like today - a day where I have nothing to write about because I'm forgetting yesterday even happened. So here goes:
  • We have new neighbors in our building, and they live on the first floor. First floor apartments have a small concrete patio outside their front door. The new neighbors apparently don't like the look of concrete, so they decided to, oh, I'm going to say, "spruce it up" a bit, and put down green indoor/outdoor carpet. Saturday morning Aaron and I walked downstairs and both said, "Really?" at the same time, because it looks horrible. It's not even laying flat. Someone's totally going to trip and smash their head into one of their butt-ugly planters. Some people, geez!
  • I still haven't figured out what that "London Bridge" song is about, but it's stuck in my head all the damn time. Maybe if it made some sense it wouldn't bother me so much. No, actually, it still would. I just want to know what it means!
  • I really, really want to go see Snakes on a Plane this weekend, but am completely busy because of The Wedding. Also, did you know that I can't wait for The Wedding to be over? I'm more stressed out about this one than I was for my own wedding, and my own wedding was the same week as my finals for that semester. The hell? Why am I freaking out so much? So I think that I may make Aaron take me to SoaP on Sunday afternoon.
  • I would like to start downloading some songs from iTunes, but I have no idea what to choose. My music selection is fairly stale - the newest songs being from the James Blunt cd and Weezer's Make Believe cd. So yes, my music is old and outdated. What should I buy? I'm in the mood for songs that are upbeat, but not too pop-ish. Suggestions, anyone?
  • Finally, I'm looking for the best marinara sauce recipe out there. I'm going to have a ton of tomatoes on my hands soon (who knew that four huge tomato plants would be too much for two people!) and have decided that marinara is their fate. I also have a basil plant so if you have a recipe using both a ton of tomatoes and a ton of basil, send it my way if you don't mind.

So yes, random post. Sorry. Just trying to make today a great day and so I'm emptying things from my brain as much as possible. I figure if I don't have all these things floating around in there I might be able to function a little better. I am so still keeping my fingers crossed that I don't cry today, because 3 days in a row would be too much.


At 8/22/2006 9:18 AM, Blogger CPA Mom said...

I am an iTunes (whore) fan. Go here to see my gym list http://tiggereeyore.blogspot.com/2006/08/ipod-gym-music-as-promised.html. I'll email you my regular list if you want. cpamomva@hotmail.com

Recipe - i'll ask my Italian Husband and get back to you.

I'm a new reader.

Have a great day!!!! Try not to cry.

At 8/22/2006 10:02 AM, Anonymous TB said...

Music selections - you've come to the right place!

Martin Sexton - Wonderbar - jazzy and bluesy
David Gray - Life in Slow Motion
The Gorllaz - either album totally high energy
Jamie Cullum - Catching Tales I love this album from beginning to end

And if you want some newer female singer songwriters try:
KT Tunstall
or Polly Polausma

Hope you're feeling better!

At 8/22/2006 1:19 PM, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Oooh, check out my site and look where I've listed my recent albums. I've got some links to my iTunes iMixes.

At 8/22/2006 1:43 PM, Anonymous Meryl said...

I like London Bridge...I think its mostly because of the beat though

At 8/23/2006 11:15 AM, Blogger Julie said...

Jessie! You HAVE to go to my post for today. It is especially for you! Really!


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