Monday, September 04, 2006

My Labor Day Weekend
A Pictoral Report

This is how we spent the last weekend of summer. I can't believe it's over already.

Saturday was the first college football gameday of the year. As is tradition, we made a big spread and then settled in to watch both the U of M and MSU games. We ended up making BBQ Meatballs, Crispix mix, veggies and dip, and cookies. Unfortunately the cookies didn't turn out too well, but the rest of the food was great. Both of our teams won, so the day was off to a great start. We sat around for a while after the games ended, and then decided to head out for a light dinner. At dinner, I found perfection in a glass.

Perfection's name is "Pina Colada".

Oh. My. God.

I may have died and gone to heaven.

So anyway, that was Saturday.

On Sunday we ended up having to go up to Aaron's parents house to help them get the house packed up. Here's the house where Aaron grew up:

Here's the view from their front door:

It's beautiful there and we're pretty sad that they're selling the house and moving away. To make things even worse, they found out last week that the family dog has to be put down, so Sunday was a pretty sad day all around. Here's Aaron with his dog, Tippy:

Sunday was also Aaron's brother's birthday, so after a long day of packing we went out to dinner, and then came back to the house for cake and pie. We left after dessert and got home late.

Today we decided to be lazy for a while and then we headed out to the local zoo. All of the animals were out and active for once, so it was quite fun. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the zoo:

Of course, there are many more pictures over at Flickr.

After the zoo, we headed over to Best Buy to buy a wireless router, so I could finally stop illegally using someone else's signal, which is how we ended up here right now.

And that was my Labor Day Weekend. Hope yours was just as much fun, but maybe slightly less eventful.


At 9/04/2006 10:20 PM, Blogger Jenny said...

OMG! The country house, the blue and brown, the dog named Tippy and then Cake and PIE! It's all so American. You were speding your Labor Day in a Norman Rockwell Painting.


At 9/05/2006 1:54 PM, Anonymous TB said...

What's that second animal? I never go to the zoo or I suppose I would know that.

I'm sorry about Tippy. Losing a pet is never easy even if they have had a long and happy life.

At 9/05/2006 1:56 PM, Blogger Mrs. Ca said...

TB - the second animal is a meercat. Like Timon in The Lion King. He was really cute.


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