Thursday, October 12, 2006


Craptastic thing the first - look at this. Also, this. (Since blogger is also being craptastic today, I can't post them directly.)

Yes, in fact that is snow. On October 12th, which is way too early for snow! It's just crap. (Completely and utterly beautiful) Crap! Since that time it stopped snowing, turned all grey, started snowing again, this time accompanied by thunder and lightning, and then turned all sunny, but is still snowing. On October 12th!!!

Craptastic thing the second is something that I am irrationally sad about. Last night I went in to have my eyebrows mostly de-haired, and the woman who has been doing my eyebrows for, like, 4 years told me that today is her last day! Thank goodness I had an appointment with her before she left. She always does a great job, and, even more importantly, I was comfortable with her.

I have major issues with having my face touched. It creeps me out unless it's me or (more recently) my husband doing it, and even more recently it has become okay for my waxer to touch my face, because you know, she has to in order to do my eyebrows. And I got to know her, which helped. I even let her do a facial, which is like, a whole hour of touching, before my wedding.

Now I have to get used to a new person touching my face. Apparently the new waxer's name is Deborah, and she's really good, I guess. But still. A stranger will be touching my face in four weeks. I'm getting a little creeped out by the thought. Fortunately I'm just slightly more weird about my eyebrows (they must be waxed otherwise they take over my face! which is no good!) than about a stranger touching my face.

I'm still sad though. I even cried about it last night. I blame the sadness plus a little touch of tiredness, and maybe some PMS thrown in for good measure, for that little outburst. She got a good job outside the beauty industry, and so I understand why she's leaving, and I'm happy for her, but I'm still a little sad. Just fortunately not crying about it anymore, because that would just be weird.


At 10/12/2006 3:06 PM, Blogger CPA Mom said...

I know! SNOW! WTF? Where are you again? My husband just landed in Wisconsin and it is snowing there too! And the plane was covered in ice in Chicago? What is going on? It's 75 here today in Virginia, but down to 60 tomorrow after 40 tonight.

At 10/12/2006 3:39 PM, Anonymous ali said...

i really hope it doesn't come here just yet...
i'm not ready.


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