Thursday, October 19, 2006

Emeril Has Spicy Nuts

So! Yesterday I was bored. Actually, I was really, incredibly, mind-numbingly bored, so I decided to play around with the content on my side bar. This is exciting, no?

First of all (even though it’s lower than the other change), notice the banner over there that says that I’m participating in NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month. This means that I’ll be posting every day in November, even the weekends. If you click on that banner, it will take you to the official NaBloPoMo site, which gives the complete details, as well as a list of all NaBloPoMo participants. Should be fun! It will at least be a lot of new blog posts to read next month.

Secondly, I took down my Obsessions/Pet Peeves links. Really, this was for two reasons; one, I never update them, and two, no one really clicked on them anyway. I decided to replace those with a new section, “Recipes of the Month”. These are the recipes that are currently rocking my world. Actually, the recipes up there have been rocking my world for a while now, but they’re among my favorites, so I thought I’d share. I’ll try and update this section every month with new recipes for you to enjoy.

I actually have a somewhat funny story related to one of the recipes. The recipe for Puff Pastry Cheese Twists is from Emeril’s show. The episode on which these appeared had a lot of other great appetizer recipes (they’re linked to on the bottom of the page that the link takes you to), including Emeril’s Spiced Nuts. *giggle*

Now, when we watched this episode it was still early in the morning. So early, in fact, that we were apparently 12 year olds, because this was some hilarious television. We started giggling when he said the name of the recipe. We started laughing when he said “Now, I like my nuts spicy.” We almost fell out of bed laughing when he said something to the effect of, “Mmmmm…now those are some spicy nuts. Those nuts are so good! I love my spicy nuts!”

Seriously? That right there, is hilarious television.

Almost as good as the “olive oil money shots” from Wolfgang Puck’s show. You know, when they would slow down the shot right when he was drizzling olive oil over something, and accompany the shot with some soft-porn-type music?

Now that’s entertainment.


At 10/19/2006 11:09 AM, Anonymous TB said...

I hear ya. Jeff and I were talking about the new movie The Presige this morning and then he was like I've got a Prestige for you right here... it's juvenile, but it always makes me laugh.

At 10/19/2006 6:52 PM, Anonymous mikey said...

Figures. My first time here, and no "Obsessions/Pet Peeves" link. Those kinds of things are usually the first thing I look for. Dammit!

I guess I could check out that "Some things about me" link, but that'd be too easy.

Eh, I guess I'll go make some Big Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies. Heh.

At 10/19/2006 7:36 PM, Blogger Julie said...

Hey Mikey, save some cookie dough for me. :) That sounds so good about right now.

I love the new sidebar. The first thing I saw when I opened your page was the recipes. And I thought, crap she stole my idea. My idea isn't really putting them up like that, but actually posting at least one or two a month and then making a list in the sidebar. Who knows.

Anyway, love the look and the spicy nuts! I have a good story for you, but you will have to go to my place to read it. :) But thanks to you I thought of it. :) Thanks!

At 10/20/2006 8:06 AM, Blogger Kelley said...

Spicy nuts! That's awesome.

Sometimes, I think the Food Network and Comedy Central are interchangeable. There is, like, a decade's worth of blog fodder to be made of some of those shows.

And "olive oil money shots"? That's hilarious. "Bam!, baby, hit me with your EVOO!" How great would it be if Emeril and Racheal Ray had a secret love child? Now that's a show I would watch...

At 10/20/2006 2:51 PM, Blogger CPA Mom said...

Ooh, recipes! Great idea. Thanks!

At 10/23/2006 8:22 AM, Anonymous Jenny said...

EVERY day in November? Holy crap! I can barely do that with 4 other women posting on my site.


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