Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So Many Possibilities...

and so little time to fit all of them in. So I need help deciding.

I've decided to take Friday off from work because I really need a break. I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Not that it takes much to excite me like this; I was this excited about hamburgers last Friday.

Anyway, so I have this day off, but I don't know what to do with it. I've narrowed it down to three options, all with their pros and cons, but can't choose which one to do. So, I want your opinions.

Option 1: Stay home and run errands that need to be done. This includes dropping off a bunch of stuff to Good Will that's been sitting in my dining room for two weeks now, getting two pairs of pants re-hemmed (these were two fairly new pairs of pants and both left hems fell out..grrrr....), hunting around town for a copy of "The Breakup" to rent, and working out.

Pro: I would get a lot of stuff done that I need to get done, and some things done that I really want to get done.
Con: Not a whole lot of fun and not really that relaxing.

Option 2: Go up north to my parents' house for the day, and hang out with my little sister who will also be in town that day. Okay, my reasons for this are mainly selfish, in that my parents have something that they ordered for me that I want. Also, it's fun hanging out with my sister. But, I won't really get to see my parents unless I head up the night before, which is an option too.

Pro: Fun!
Con 1: Also not relaxing.
Pro: Fun!
Con 2: Have to drive a lot, by myself, which I hate.
Pro: Get loads of free makeup (the thing they ordered). Also, Fun!
Con 3: Missing Aaron.
Pro: Lots of fun! Also get to eat my favorite kind of bagel for breakfast and get delicious lattes. Fun!
Con 4: I wouldn't get a chance to work out, which I really need to do that day, unless of course I hit the gym with my sister. Yeah right, that would totally not happen.

Option 3: Stay home, don't leave house except to go to the gym, make romantic dinner and dessert for Aaron.

Pro: Get done some of the things I need to get done around the house, and I get in my workout.
Con: Possiblity of being very bored.
Pro: Most relaxing of the three options.
Con: Seriously, I get bored when I'm all by myself for too long, which means I'll probably piss Aaron off by calling him about 3 million times that day.

So those are my three options. I also need to add in that there's a strong possibility that we're going to be out of town on Saturday and Sunday (to visit Aaron's grandparents), so that affects my ability to get stuff done this weekend.

I just can't choose. There are things I like about all three options. I'm just horrible at making decisions (also out of ideas for what to write today). So, if you were in my situation, what would you do?


At 10/18/2006 9:38 AM, Anonymous mamatulip said...

I'd go see your parents. It seems like the option with the most benefits for you...and remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder. ;)

At 10/18/2006 9:56 AM, Anonymous ali said...

all sound good to me.
i'd take any day off!

i'm way into organizing and getting things done these days, so that's probably what i'd do :)

At 10/18/2006 10:22 AM, Blogger Kelley said...

Hmmm...well, since you already have to travel Sat and Sun, maybe you could stay home, run some errands, go to the gym, and then cap-off the evening with some take-out with Aaron?

(Although free makeup does sound very, very tempting!)

At 10/18/2006 12:17 PM, Anonymous donna said...

If it were me, I'd do the errands. Because they won't take too long, and then you'll feel so good they are off your plate, you'll really be able to enjoy the rest of the weekend with no guilt about the errands hanging over your head.

Have fun, whatever you decide!

At 10/18/2006 3:25 PM, Blogger CPA Mom said...

Go see my sister and parents. When I die, it won't say on my tombstone, I WISH I FINISHED MY ERRANDS, it will say I HAD FUN WITH MY FAMILY.

Ever since my husband died, I try and remember what really is important.

And also, I'm spoiled in that I don't have to go to Goodwill - the local Samaritan House comes to our neighborhood once a month for pick-up. And my husband works at a sewing manufacturer so he takes my hemming/repairs in to a co-worker for me. I'm one lucky duck.

At 10/19/2006 1:04 AM, Blogger Sizzle said...

that's a hard one. if it were me? i would combine one and two. maybe drop off the goodwill stuff, run to the gym and then stay in the rest of the day cooking and getting ready to be romantic. awww.

At 10/19/2006 11:04 AM, Anonymous TB said...

I would choose number two. You can do the other stuff on Saturday or Sunday and you should do something fun on your day off.


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