Wednesday, January 24, 2007

On to the next one...

Yesterday's post was kind of, well, heavy. Sorry for that. So let's focus on something different, since I'm not nearly as blue as I implied yesterday. In fact I'm in a great mood today, and I have no idea why. Could it be the chocolate cake I made last night? Possibly.

Last night on the way home from the gym (early because I was mad due to every cardio machine being in use for over 40 minutes...grrr...) I was trying to decide what I wanted to eat for dinner. The only thing that kept popping into my head was chocolate, specifically, the recipe I had seen over the weekend for Emergency Chocolate Cake (the recipe is at that link, but the cooking temperature is 350 degrees, not 30 as that site lists). I mixed it while our dinner was cooking, threw it in the oven, and it was done just in time for our dinner to have settled enough so we had room for the cake. It was very light and fluffy, only slightly chocolatey, but delicious warm with some whipped cream on top. The chocolate craving was definitely an emergency last night and this cake fit the bill.
Scenes from this morning:

Scene 1
Setting: kitchen
Me: You know what tomorrow is, right?
Him: Hmmm *thinks for a minute* Oh! 2 years...
Me: 3
Him: 3 years since the day I proposed!
Me: Right! Is that why you wanted to go out to dinner tomorrow night?
Him: No
Me: *sending telepathic waves that he could lie about it, look good for remembering, and totally get away with it*
Him: Yes! Of course! That's why!

Scene 2
Setting: Bathroom, getting ready for the day.
Me: Yesterday morning I couldn't find my brown heels that I had worn the day before, and I looked all over for them, but finally decided that I must have left them at the gym. So, when I got to the gym I checked the lost and found and they didn't have them, and then I looked in the locker where I thought I left them, and they weren't there, so I was bummed. But then I figured, yeah, I'm bummed, but they're just shoes right? I'll get over it. So then I unpacked my gym bag and there they were at the bottom of the bag. I felt like such an idiot!
Him: At least you felt like what you were.
Me: Hey!
Him: *walks away chuckling to himself*
Me: *plotting a way to get him back later, because payback is a bitch, man*


At 1/24/2007 12:46 PM, Blogger CPA Mom said...

I KNOW! It's late January already. My Y is still freakin' full. Go away people! Go back to your couches and T.V.s.

Whoo, that felt good. Thanks.


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