Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Word of the Day

Is "exhausted". I feel like I've been either in an airport or on a plane for 48 hours. I got home at a little after 8 pm last night, ate some dinner, drank a couple of glasses of wine and was asleep at around 9:30. It was pretty much "Hi Honey! I'm getting drunk and passing out! I've missed you too! Zzzzzz...."

I hope it was good for him too.

The trip was great, the meeting was actually interesting, and I had a lot of fun getting to know my co-worker and her baby better. And if I thought I wanted a baby before, I definitely want one now. She charmed everyone and was delightful the whole time. And adorable. Of course, adorable.

On a completely unrelated subject (since I'm exhausted and my attention span is suffering because of that), have you been watching Top Chef this season? The finale is tonight. I have no idea who is going to win the competition, but I think I'm firmly on the Ilan side of things as for who I want to win. Should be interesting, especially if I can stay up long enough to watch it. I may have to have caffeine for dinner so that I can make that happen.

And....on to topic #3. So yeah, I was in Minnesota, in January, and it was as cold as you would think it would be. 2 degrees with a wind chill that was definitely below zero. It was a beautiful clear day and the sun was shining, but I think that's what made it colder - when there's no cloud layer to keep the heat in, the heat all just leaves. And hey, at least now I know what to expect in a couple of days weather-wise.


At 1/31/2007 1:00 PM, Anonymous audrey said...

Welcome back! I haven't been traveling this week, but I am still exhausted. Maybe I would feel better if every ounce of my energy wasn't being used to stay warm in this frigid weather.

At 1/31/2007 4:19 PM, Blogger Sizzle said...

welcome home. :)

At 1/31/2007 5:24 PM, Anonymous TB said...

Drinking two glasses of wine and going to bed early sounds like a great night to me!
And being around good babies always makes you feel good about your decision to have kids... just stay away from the colicky ones.

At 1/31/2007 7:26 PM, Anonymous mamatulip said...

Yikes...hope you get a chance to put your feet up and CHILL!


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