Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rank and File

Since I've had a lot of bad days recently, I've developed a rating system to tell Aaron how I'm doing that day so he knows exactly how much tenderness he needs to use with me. Okay, so I didn't really develop a rating system so much as I'm just giving him percentages, but you know, whatever. It works.

I've been hovering inbetween 50% (that was Sunday) and 90% (that was Tuesday). Yesterday I was at about a 75%, meaning that I was doing pretty good but was also feeling fairly exhausted. He used just the right amount of tenderness and I went to bed feeling like I was at about 90%. He really is great to me and although he thinks that he's not good enough to deserve me, I think it's the other way around and I'm truly lucky.

I have a feeling the reason I was so exhausted yesterday was due to four meetings and a chili cook-off we held here at work yesterday. I entered a chili using Aaron's great-grandfather's recipe, which I think is truly awesome and which contains a bottle of beer, but I did not win. I think it was because there were many "standard" chilis like mine, but the winning chili was spicy so it stood out. There were 9 chilis entered and most, like mine, received about 5 votes while the winning chili received 9, and second place 8. So I know that mine just didn't stand out from the crowd. I was not really disappointed, but Aaron was. He's slightly more competitive than me so that could be the reason.

I'm just waiting for a bake-off that's coming up in the next couple of months some time. I'm having trouble deciding whether to make my low-fat lemon swirl cheesecake or banoffee pie (bananas, toffee and whipped cream - deliciousness in a pie crust). Aaron likes some of my cookies as well. So we just decided that we're going to have to bake each of my options, try them, and rank them so that we can come up with the final decision of which to enter. I think Aaron just wants me to bake more often. We're starting with the banoffee pie tonight and he's so excited he can barely stand it. It really is that good.


At 3/31/2006 8:14 PM, Blogger Beth Fish said...

I need to start one of those rating systems. If I get below 50% can I make him rub my feet?


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